AUTOsist launches industry app

Originally launched as a consumer app, the new program will give users fleet maintenance and record-keeping help.

March 6, 2017

AUTOsist gives business owners and fleet managers a simple and affordable way to keep track of vehicle or equipment maintenance, fuel and other important records, all via their mobile app available for iOS and Android along with its Desktop Web Portal. The program was launched in 2014 as a consumer-focused app. As users started asking for additional features to help them manage their business fleets, the company decided to make the shift and launch additional Fleet Tools in December. Going into 2017, AUTOsist will continue to add features for its users to manage their companies better.

AUTOsist is a cloud-based system that gives you the ability to log and store important receipts, documents and more. Everything syncs across multiple devices, making the software convenient to use, even when you're on the go. Fleet managers can assign vehicles or equipment for other users to manage and keep all their important fleet records in a centralized location with on-demand access.

“Our goal is to provide a simple and affordable solution that helps businesses reduce operating costs and increase efficiency for their fleet,” said Zorrane Abdeali, founder of the company.

The software includes a dedicated areas to track maintenance, fuel, custom notes and more. Users will have the ability to set reminders that are sent via push notifications and email, and can view recommended maintenance and recalls by odometer and/or time intervals.

Fleet managers can use AUTOsist to measure a variety of metrics, including how much they are spending on maintenance or fuels costs, as well as the ability to export data via excel for easy customization. The system also enables quick access to key information through search and sort tools, and users can share data easily via email and export options. Learn more via the companies website at