Wisconsin-based LandCrafters joins LandOpt network

LandCrafters focuses on the design-build market in southeastern Wisconsin.

March 6, 2018
Edited by Megan Smalley

PITTSBURGH – LandCrafters joined the LandOpt contractor network, and by acquiring these license rights in Metro-Milwaukee, the company is the first “Powered by LandOpt Contractor” in the state of Wisconsin, continuing the network’s expansion.

Starting in 1998, LandCrafters has focused on the design-build landscape market in southeastern Wisconsin. The company is proud to offer the same quality attention and care to everyone who invites them to help with their landscape design needs.

Working together with LandOpt, the company expects to realize significant growth while maintaining the same high quality.

“We have a highly talented and credentialed staff and offer highly detailed, comprehensive services to well-informed, appreciative clients,” said Scott Ziebol, owner of LandCrafters. “At this stage of our growth, professional business systems and processes are what we need most for our team and customers.” Ziebol and his team look forward to enjoying “consistent planned growth with increased margins as well as clearly defined career paths for employees” given the support of a peer network and readily-available business systems, processes and tools.

LandOpt President Don Evans believes Ziebol is a good example of a successful leader looking to transform his company and team. “Now, the challenge is to sustain growth at a profitable margin, something LandOpt’s tools and processes will help the LandCrafters team to achieve,” Evans said.

LandCrafters became the second LandOpt contractor this year. LandOpt has already seen steady first-quarter growth, adding a location in Texas about a month ago.