Goal for steady growth

Goal for steady growth

Michael Mould and Tiffany Tucker hope to control the growth of New Visions to avoid burnout.

March 6, 2018
Brian Horn

When a young Michael Mould wanted to buy a pair of cleats and shin guards, his dad wasn’t going to front him the money. Instead, he recommended Mould use the family lawn mower to cut the neighbor’s grass for some cash. But Mould’s dad would get a cut since he was using the family mower.

“It taught me that everything I get isn’t always mine,” says Mould, who is president of New Visions Lawn & Landscape in Panama City, Florida. “I was counting that money, but it really was owed to my dad.”

That was Mould’s first introduction to owing a landscaping company, and it wouldn’t be his last because in June of 2016, he became co-owner of New Visions.

And while Mould’s dad used his cut of the profits to buy Mould a basketball hoop, he knows as an adult business owner there will be no basketball hoops waiting for him at the end of the day.

But Mould isn’t going it alone. He’s taking the lead on the labor side, but his partner and vice president of the company, Tiffany Tucker, is in charge of all the back office operations.

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