Sakata set to showcase new products at California Spring Trials

Sakata set to showcase new products at California Spring Trials

SunPatiens sun-loving impatiens, Supercal petunia and Dragon’s Breath celosia are among the flowers to be displayed.


SALINAS, Cali. – Sakata Seed America will showcase a range of new products at this year’s California Spring Trials.

The theme, Come Bloom with Us!, demonstrates some of Sakata’s consumer-favorite series: SunPatiens sun-loving impatiens, Supercal petunia and Dragon’s Breath celosia. The SunPatiens impatiens and Supercal petunia will be exhibited in bold new colors. Plus, SunPatiens online presence is growing with a new website design and a growing Facebook and Instagram following. SuperCal petunia and Dragon’s Breath celosia have also made their debut on Instagram. Images of these products can be viewed on accounts like @supercalpetunia and @dragonsbreathcelosia.

COCO cut-flower marigold offers three colors including the deepest orange on the market. Long stem length and uniform earliness of fully double blooms make COCO a true showstopper. The Viking and Viking XL begonia series are an all-weather begonia series features a total of twelve colors, two sizes and three leaf colors: green, bronze and chocolate. This year, the jumbo chocolate leaves and vibrant, fast-growing color of Viking XL Red on Chocolate were a 2019 All-America Selections winner.

All of these products and more can be seen during California Spring Trials this year, March 23 -27RSVP here.