Trump’s impact on the green industry

Trump’s impact on the green industry

Since President Trump took office, landscapers see benefits in consumer confidence and tax reform.

March 13, 2018

In the last year, the stock market has boomed, customers are spending more and many landscape contractors say they’re seeing an increase in business. Industry professionals were optimistic after the presidential election, according to a January 2016 Lawn & Landscape survey, and after a year of President Donald Trump’s administration, contractors are seeing benefits of an upturn in the stock market.

At The Green Team based in Roanoke, Virginia, 2017 was the best year they’ve ever had since the business opened in 2006, and the company used the profits to purchase a new spray truck as well as some other smaller equipment.

“Consumer confidence is probably at a 20-year high, maybe even more than that,” says Kyle Rose, business development officer at The Green Team. “I think that definitely plays into it with people’s 401(k)s doing really well and you see all these bonuses companies are giving out so I think people are getting a little bit extra income that they can play around with too.”

Contractors say their votes have had an impact on the economy and the boom in business. Eighty percent believe the office of the presidency has some impact on the industry.

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