Cracking the Code to Profit provides tips for lawn care professionals

Cracking the Code to Profit provides tips for lawn care professionals

The book was published in 2018 and it addresses steps to grow a new lawn care business.


NEWPORT, KY – Ryan Sciamanna, entrepreneur and lawn care business owner, released his first book titled Cracking the Code to Profit. Published in 2018, Sciamanna shares his insight on how he built a profitable, efficient lawn care business in the book. He provides the ups, the downs and everything in between of starting a profitable lawn care business.

In Cracking the Code to Profit, Sciamanna also discusses everything he learned from his first job in the lawn care industry, starting and growing his own company and key points from business books he has read in recent years. The chapters of the book break down different aspects of a lawn care business along with action steps for each aspect. 

Sciamanna has held several positions in the green industry and worked for several companies during his 14 years in the industry. He currently owns Loyal Green, a lawn care business in Kentucky.

“I don’t think I am smarter or better than anyone else, nor do I feel that my lawn care business is perfect, but I do believe I have something of value to offer others wanting to do something similar to what I have done,” Sciamanna said.

Recently, Sciamanna has focused on starting a new venture called Lawn Crack in order to help others get started in the industry. He posts three videos weekly to the Lawn Crack YouTube channel and continues to build out the resource center on the Lawn Crack website. He also responds to questions on the Lawn Crack Facebook group.

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