Recording the numbers

Recording the numbers

In the April issue, Learn the ins and outs of implementing accounting software at your company.

May 4, 2017

Summit Lawn & Landscape, based in Kansas City, Missouri, implemented its first accounting software in 1994.

“We had to have an accounting program to track all our assets and our receivables and our payables. Up until that point it was spreadsheets – pen and paper,” says Terry Shaffer, owner and CEO of the company.

“Not knowing anything about accounting and accounting software, I’d say it did a lot,” Shaffer says. “As I was learning more about accounting, and as it relates to my industry and job costing and all that, I guess the biggest thing I learned was how vital of a tool it was to have a good piece of accounting software. Because your numbers are how you survive. You’ve got to know your numbers to be able to grow. So just the ability to have that at your fingertips to make decisions is very important.”

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