Agromin added as Dr. Earth dealer

The Califnornia-based supplier will provide organic soil amendments, potting soils and barks.


VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. – Agromin, a manufacturer and supplier of soil products made from recycled organic materials, has been selected as a new dealer for Dr. Earth bagged soil products.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with Dr. Earth to offer top-quality organic soil products that are good for the earth,” said Agromin’s CEO, Bill Camarillo. “Dr. Earth shares our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, and we view sustainable collaborations like this one as the key to a better future for our planet.”

The Dr. Earth products now available from Agromin include soil amendments, potting soils and barks. These items can be purchased by calling in an order to 1-800-247-6646, or visiting the company’s headquarters at 201 Kinetic Drive in Oxnard or composting facility at 6859 Arnold Road in Oxnard.

Along with selling Dr. Earth items, Agromin also produces its own organic soils and amendments, some of which are sold as Dr. Earth-branded packaged products. Agromin’s products are designed to help gardeners conserve water and promote plant growth, while also reducing greenhouse gases. Each product is chemical-free and engineered to support a natural balance of living organisms.

Every year, Agromin converts approximately 500,000 tons of recycled organic material – such as leaves, lawn clippings and food waste – into rich, fertile soil products used in agriculture, landscaping and home gardens.

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