Delta Systems releases new touch screen display

Delta Systems releases new touch screen display

Its new full-color 7-inch Advanced Touch Screen Display will help with vehicle and equipment troubleshooting.


STREETSBORO, Ohio – Delta Systems has released its new CAN-bus capable, full-color 7-inch Advanced Touch Screen Display, designed to bring an operator-focused dashboard to keep drivers in command of sophisticated technology.

Designed for utility vehicles, power sports equipment, outdoor power equipment and more, this Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides at-a-glance notifications and simple operator interactivity. Delta Systems’ CAN-bus capable touch screen provides operators with a full view of functionality with an intuitive interface for vehicle and equipment troubleshooting.

“Like many of our dashboard innovations, our new 7-inch touch screen display is designed to bring a more ‘automotive-like’ feel to equipment drivers and operators,” said Michelle Specht, Delta Systems’ Product Manager. “This trend has been gaining traction with our OEM customers as they want to differentiate their products and give operators a more human-centric experience. This color touch screen helps manufacturers simplify their dashboards, while bringing a sophisticated and familiar experience to end-users.”

The Advanced Touch Screen also helps with maintaining equipment reliability, triggered by time, events or meter readings. Periodic maintenance can be planned on a routine basis while planned maintenance can be initiated by the results of predictive or periodic activities, Specht said.

The 7-inch Advanced Touch Screen Display offers customizable (screen/display) outputs, including safety interlock, position sensing, engine monitoring, diagnostics, starting systems, systems monitoring and more. This customization allows OEMs to tailor their displays to their applications, making it a cost-effective solution that doesn’t have them paying for functionality they don’t need, Specht said.