New natural systemic herbicide developed

Weed Rot is a systemic, non-selective, natural herbicide developed by Sierra Natural Sciences and MTC Horticulture Company.


Sierra Natural Sciences and MTC Horticulture Company have developed a systemic non-selective herbicide that kills weeds to the roots. This natural herbicide is Prop 25b exempt and is not required to carry an EPA registration number or a signal word. The natural herbicide product, named WEED ROT, first strips the weed’s waxy cuticle allowing the natural chemistry to penetrate the leaves, stem and roots, killing the weed.

Tom Carrasco of MTC Horticulture Company says he is “very happy to fill a need of a natural systemic herbicide. This is the missing piece to the puzzle which will allow anyone to not to have to use a synthetic herbicide. Before Weed Rot, it was very important for many reasons to not use synthetic herbicides, but not cost effective for many. Now it is.”

Weed Rot, a natural herbicide with certified organic ingredients, is available to commercial farmers, landscapers, horticulture companies, cities, schools, municipalities, homeowners associations, pest control companies and homeowners.

Weed Rot is available in 1 gallon (4x1gal case), 5 gallons (2x2.5gal case), 30-gallon drum and 250-gallon tote at