Noon brothers release book

New publication offers tips on how to improve your phone sales.

May 18, 2015

Matt and Chris Noon have released a book designed to help LCOs, landscapers and other small business owners improve their phone sales.

“Dialing for Dollars in a Digital World” – available on Amazon – is a part biography and part business book that outlines how business owners can use the traditional cold call to grow their bottom line. 
“I wrote this book to share my strategies and techniques to help others grow their businesses. By sharing the art of teleselling and its development with my readers, I feel that I have pointed them in the right direction to advance their businesses,” says Chris Noon. “This book is all about helping your business develop a value proposition that will enhance your workplace. I hope my readers will walk away with valuable lessons on how to avoid pitfalls from trial closings to cross trainings to developing your specific and unique data universe.” 
The Noon brothers operate Noon Turf Care, a $10 million lawn care firm in the Boston area. Chris Noon also runs Green Light Sales Consulting.
For a case study on the Noon brothers, featured in the 2013 October issue of Lawn & Landscape, click here.