4 rules to follow for better hiring

4 rules to follow for better hiring

Consider these rules to have better hiring practices at your landscaping business.

June 8, 2018
Ben Hardy
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Across the United States right now, business owners are faced with the challenge of rapidly bolstering their field staff after not receiving their H-2B workforce for 2018. With the intense competition for local talent, the traditional talent pools have diminished drastically. Even when they aren’t diminished, getting prospective job candidates to come into the office to apply is a serious challenge.

So, how do you successfully recruit in today’s challenging market?

In recent years, I’ve identified four rules that, if followed, can help to create a stronger recruiting pipeline and increase a company’s capture rate of applicants. Building a process around these four rules will work not only in large metropolitan markets, but also in more rural markets.

1. Identify what the ideal candidate looks like for your company.

Lifestyle, hobbies and other characteristics are all things to consider in a candidate. I like to draw the comparison to dating. About a decade ago I received sage dating advice from an old friend. He told me to always be where I would expect my future spouse to be found. That means if I am looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors, then I need to spend more time doing outdoor activities. If I want a churchgoer, then I need to be in church every Sunday. By identifying the characteristics of the ideal candidate, you will narrow your search and increase your prospects of success. In the business world, this is called targeted marketing.

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