Stop tree damage without pesticides

The BugBarrier Tree Band prevents climbing and crawling insects from getting into the trees to lay eggs.

June 12, 2015
Supplier News

This is the time of year to prevent some particularly damaging climbing and crawling insects from returning next summer, without resorting to pesticides. Banding trees with the BugBarrier Tree Band, beginning now, will prevent such egg-laden females as gypsy moth, fall cankerworms and winter moth from climbing the trees to start the next generation.

The BugBarrier Tree Band is a pesticide-free, adhesive banding system. Its dense, flexible fiber barrier fills bark crevices. The adhesive film barrier is installed over the fiber, with the adhesive side facing the tree. The design eliminates unsightly debris that insects turn into bridges, and keeps insect carcasses out of sight.
This revolutionary band is clean, easy to install and remove, and contains no chemical pesticide or pheromone. University researchers, governmental entomologists and arborists in the field have tested it, and have been using it successfully for more than 10 years. It is required to be EPA registered as a “mechanical pesticide.”
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