Meet Metco

Meet Metco

Top 100 companies toured Metco Landscape to get a look inside the operations.

June 12, 2018
Industry News

Members of Lawn & Landscape's Top 100 List companies took a tour of Metco Landscape in Colorado last week to see how they do business. Here's what we learned about the #28 company on our 2018 list.

Metco is focusing on growing commercial maintenance.

  • The company recently installed new safety measures for its Bobcats after some were stolen from job sites. Now, the equipment is locked so that only someone from Metco can start the engine. 
  • Every crew is serviced at least once a week by the in-house mechanic, while larger jobs are outsourced on rare occasions. 
  • Using a check-in, check-out system, the company keeps track of smaller equipment like chainsaws and trenchers. Everything else is assigned to a foreman for the year.


Metco by the numbers

230: commercial construction employees

$25,000: cost of mobilization for snow storms

98,540: tons of rock used last year

721: pieces of equipment serviced at HQ

$64 million: amount bid to date with a 20% close rate for commercial construction

250: H-2B workers processed in 8 hours last season

4: Metco branches in the state of Colorado

$25 million: backlog of commercial construction work

5.5 million: square feet of sod installed each year

20%: kill rate for maintenance jobs

9,000: trees installed last year