Gachina participates in Earth Day beautification project

Gachina participates in Earth Day beautification project

Partnership with IMFA SV allowed for renovations at Sunnyvale Adult School.

June 14, 2018
Edited by Anna Fair-Toth

Gachina Landscape Management recently helped in an Earth Day beautification project at Sunnyvale Adult School Daycare Facility, Fremont Union High School District. The company partnered with IFMA SV and the GROW Organization to provide Sunnyvale Adult School with landscaping, carpentry, electrical work and more.

The project took place on April 28 in celebration of Earth Day. A team of nine Gachina volunteers spent the day renovating the landscape and children’s play area at the facility, services estimated around $8,474. 

Some of the work done at Sunnyvale Adult School included removing trip hazards, weed removal as well as installing sod in bare lawn areas and an afterhours water system. Gachina volunteers also top-dressed three sandboxes and added compost in garden planters for future use. 

Sunnyvale Adult School provides adult literacy, citizenship, English as a second language as well as adult secondary education and career technical education to its students. 

The Earth Day beautification project isn’t the first volunteer project Gachina has participated in. Gachina has paired with IMFA SV on spring community outreach projects since 2008.