LandOpt adds SGS Hawaii to network

The Hawaii-based contractor is the fifth to join LandOpt's network in seven months.

August 9, 2018
Edited by Lauren Rathmell

PITTSBURGH – SGS Hawaii has joined the LandOpt Contractor Network, becoming the fifth Powered by LandOpt Contractor in seven months.

SGS Hawaii, a provider of landscape services specializing in resort management in the state of Hawaii, has joined the LandOpt Network of landscape contractors. As part of the network, the company will incorporate the discipline of the LandOpt System into their day-to-day business to streamline operations, achieve growth and improve profitability. 


Owner Sidney Sparkman states, “I believe LandOpt can help us refine and redefine our systems to assist us as we begin to scale up again. Being in Hawaii offers us limited training opportunities for our key management team. I am hopeful that LandOpt as well as the Network will open up vast training opportunities.” 


Alison Blobner, LandOpt’s director of marketing & sales, says, “We would like to welcome Sidney and the entire SGS team to the LandOpt Contractor Network. They are an outstanding fit, and we anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship as we help them grow.”


Don Evans, LandOpt president adds, “The continued growth of the LandOpt Network with companies like SGS is a testament to the fact that even “mature” companies have a need for continuous improvement. Sidney is making an investment in his team – he has a vision for where SGS is going and is humble enough to know he needs additional resources to get him there. We look forward to partnering with Sidney and the SGS team on this exciting journey.”