RYAN announces 2018 National Aerate Your Lawn Day

RYAN announces 2018 National Aerate Your Lawn Day

The holiday will take place on Sept. 15 this year.

August 8, 2018
Edited by Lauren Rathmell

JOHNSON CREEK, Wis. – RYAN announced the return of “National” Aerate Your Lawn Day. The holiday falls on the third Saturday in September—Sept. 15 this year— and aims to teach homeowners about the importance of aeration, and how they can get the service or do it themselves.

In support of the holiday, RYAN has a dedicated website, www.aerateyourlawntoday.com. This site gives homeowners valuable information on why aeration improves their lawn’s health, their home’s curb appeal, property value and even the environment. It also gives practical steps on how to rent or buy an aerator.

RYAN also invites homeowners to host an “aeration party,” where one person in the neighborhood rents an aerator for a day, and several homeowners use it. This helps to split the cost of the rental and provides an opportunity for neighbors to come together and make a party out of it by hosting a backyard BBQ and playing games outside.

“Aeration can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to educate and empower homeowners, showing them that they can aerate their own lawns,” said Troy Blewett, director of marketing at Schiller Grounds Care, parent company of RYAN. “This website and holiday gives them the information and confidence they need to improve their lawn’s health in a big way, and even have fun doing it.”

Even though the holiday is just one day, the goal is for homeowners to take advantage of the entire aeration season.

Industry experts say that the fall season is the best time of year to aerate. The lawn experiences minimal stress during the fall and can easily withstand the aeration process. In the fall, many people seed their lawns, and aeration is a great way to increase the effectiveness of seeding. Additionally, aerating helps a lawn build healthy root systems, so it can better withstand a long, cold winter. And in the big picture, aeration positively impacts the environment by limiting erosion and filtering water in the ground. The healthier turf also makes more oxygen and more effectively absorbs greenhouse gases.

To learn more about how to get involved with “National” Aerate Your Lawn Day, visit aerateyourlawntoday.com.