First look at BOB-CAT’s new mower line

First look at BOB-CAT’s new mower line

The next generation of mowers includes BOB-CAT's fastest mower yet, capable of traveling 19 mph.

August 24, 2018

JOHNSON CREEK, Wis. – BOB-CAT has created its fastest mower to date as well as a full line of new models.

Those models were on display during a media event at the Schiller Grounds Manufacturing facility in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The lineup includes five new models, including the Predator-Pro 7000, which tops out at a transfer speed of 19 mph and mowing speed of 13 mph. The Predator-Pro 7000 features a Kawasaki FX1000V engine and 26-inch drive tires.

John Gielow, regional sales manager, says advancements in technology like improved transmissions allowed BOB-CAT to make the Predator-Pro capable of the fast speed. To accommodate the mower, the deck needed to be heavier.

“The difference in the deck is key,” he says. “And, it’s all about airflow.” The deck is designed to move air efficiently throughout to accommodate the speed. To engage the 19 mph transport speed, operators won’t be able to be in the process of cutting. A foot pedal near the footplate of the mower allows the transmission to shift to a mode of travel suitable for transport.

With BOB-CAT’s focus on product improvements, Gielow says the design methods have changed. “First, (the industry) designed for the purpose of mowing,” he says. “Now, we design for actual (operator) use.”

Along with the Predator-Pro 7000, BOB-CAT introduced the ProCat 6000MX, ProCat 6000 and ProCat 5000.

The mowers feature a new look and improvements to the serviceability and maintenance of the machine.

The Predator-Pro 7000 and ProCat 6000MX include a new hitch and a swing-away back bumper, providing full access to the engine. BOB-CAT also redesigned the operator controls, angling them towards the operator seat for ease of use. The handles have also been redesigned with an almond-shaped grip to better fit the hands of the operator. The seat features a weight dial for contractors to select their weight for suspension purposes.

BOB-CAT has extended its AirFX mowing deck to the new ride-on commercial mower models as well.

The company expects the new models to be in the hands of the end users in 2019 and anticipate that dealers will be taking pre-orders in the coming months. The units will be on display at GIE+EXPO Oct 17-19 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Factory updates. The mowers are made in-house at the Schiller Grounds Care factory facility. The assembly line process manages each aspect of the mower creation with the help of machines that laser cut steel and weld parts together. Recently, the company began to package and ship mowers in steel crates instead of wooden crates. The crates feature a corresponding serial number that can be tracked with the mower. Distributors will collect six crates and then they will be picked up and returned to BOB-CAT for repurposing.

Fast facts:

Predator-Pro 7000

  • Kawasaki FX1000V engine, designed to provide major muscle and commercial-grade strength.
  • Speeds up to 19 mph and all-new 26-inch Zero-T drive tires.
  • Larger dual-tubed frame for increased durability on rough terrain.
  • 15-gallon dual fuel tanks


ProCat 6000MX

  • V-twin barrel Kawasaki X850V engine
  • Increased ground speeds up to 12 mph with 24-inch Zero-T drive tires.
  • Transmission capabilities with HG ZT-4400 transaxles or HG pumps with HG wheel motors.
  • Larger dual-tubed frame for increased durability on rough terrain.