Weed Man ready for big year

Weed Man ready for big year

The company had one of its best years in 2013, and expects better in 2014.

September 8, 2014

In what the company is calling a “phenomenal year,” Weed Man USA is on track to have one of its best years with both revenue and opening franchises.

“And the good news is the year’s not over yet and we’re coming into our busiest selling season for franchises,” said Jennifer Lemcke, chief operating officer for Weed Man. “So we're really, really excited about where we're at and where we're going.”

For the year 2013, the company grew 19 percent. For 2014, the company is projecting the year to end at $75 million, which would mean a growth of $12 million for the year.

"As we look at some of what our industry has done, specifically in lawn care, we're one of the fastest growing companies, and that we're really proud of, and I know it's because of the people we've gotten involved with the company," said Lemcke.

Not only growing in revenue, Weed Man also announced that the company has grown in size in regards to franchises. To date, 11 franchisees have expanded and signed additional franchise agreements to acquire 35 territories.

“We had budgeted to have 56 territories and we're at 77 already, so we've exceeded our budget by 21 territories, which is really the best we've ever done in one year and, like I've said the year's not over yet,” Lemcke said. She added that the company is currently working on a few verbal deals which will be announced at a later date.

Going big. Weed Man also announced a new venture it was taking. Dan Carrothers, who was marketing manager at BASF, created a franchise, Weed Man Houston, and purchased 22 territories, the largest Weed Man franchise to date. In addition to being a Weed Man franchisee, Carrothers is also part of a brand new joint venture, Turf Operations Houston.

“Based on all of this, we actually decided as a company to do a joint venture with Dan in our corporate entity here in Canada,” Lemcke said. “This is the first time we’ve done this.

The new company’s board of directors will consist of Carrothers, Weed man CEO and founder Roger Mongeon and a few other key employees, including Lemcke.

 “I am extremely excited about joining Weed Man,” Carrothers said. “After many years in the industry, primarily on the chemical side as a basic manufacturer, I'm now going to be on the other side of the fence where on a day-to-day basis we're interacting with customers, with an organization that is clearly customer-centric.”

Partnerships and investments like this is something Weed Man hopes to see more of in the future, and taking the first step with Carrothers will hopefully bring attention to these opportunities.

“By developing strong business opportunities with a great candidate like Dan, it brings the level of professionalism up in our industry,” Lemcke said. “These large owner-operated Weed Man franchises give a lot of opportunity for employees to grow within the company and see a future career within our industry.”

“I think me joining Weed Man will simply open up doors for people who are thinking about something beyond what they are currently doing,” Carrothers said. “I think there are many people out there with great experience and they may be wondering what’s next. If nothing else, I may have given them some things to think about and hopefully one of them is that Weed Man is a great place to think about being with.”