Weed Man franchisors launch robotic mowing service

Jennifer and Chris Lemcke launched TurfBot, a full-service robotic mowing company in Canada.

September 10, 2018

WHITBY, Ontario — Jennifer and Chris Lemcke believe they’re on the cutting edge of lawn care technology with the new business they’ve opened in Durham Region this summer.

TurfBot, Canada’s first full-service robotic mowing company, was launched in August — a little later than intended — but has been received well by the five customers who had signed up in the first two weeks.

“So far, the ones that we’ve put in, the people love it,” Chris Lemcke said while standing outside a home in Ajax where he’d made a recent installation. “They sell millions of these in Europe. This is the way of the future. We’re just trying to get in at the start of it.”

The husband and wife team are no strangers to lawn care, having worked for Weed Man since graduating university in Ottawa over 25 years ago, and are now master franchisors for Weed Man USA. They have lived in Durham Region for over 20 years, raising three kids.

“We already have franchising in our background because we do Weed Man, and we wanted to add another brand,” Chris Lemcke explained. “It makes sense, we’re in lawn care, so it matches really well.”

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