JDL acquires The Stockyard Horticultural Supply

John Deere Landscapes will now be able to increase its presence with the retail and wholesale nursery.

September 25, 2014

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – John Deere Landscapes announced today the acquisition of The Stockyard Horticultural Supply. The Stockyard is a retail and wholesale nursery located in Arlington, Tenn.

“The acquisition of The Stockyard allows John Deere Landscapes to increase our presence in the Memphis metropolitan market. The Stockyard has been providing high quality nursery material to landscape contractors for 25 years,” said Doug Black, CEO of John Deere Landscapes. “We welcome our new employees and look forward to expanding our offering in the Memphis area.”

In November of last year, former John Deere Landscapes CEO David Werning told Lawn & Landscape magazine that the sale of John Deere's majority interest in the company’s landscapes business to a private equity investment firm could mean growth for John Deere Landscapes in the future.