The October issue is live

The October issue is live

Catch up with our annual State of the Industry Report, Leadership Awards, and more.

October 9, 2018

Our October issue is now live, which means you can read our annual State of the Industry section and see who won some of our Leadership Awards.

In the State of the Industry Report, we identified how contractors are facing some of their biggest problems head-on, which includes keeping legal under a heightened focus on H-2B. We not only checked the industry's pulse this month, but we also sat down with some of the field's most seasoned veterans and emerging leaders. Plus, we caught up with the 2018 Turnaround Tour winners to see what changes Harvest Group Landscape Business Consulting has recommended this time around.

Also inside, you'll read about best practices to introduce GPS tracking systems without irking employees, ways to put fire at the forefront of your hardscape designs, and why keeping fun around the workplace is so essential. 

Read the full October issue here.