New weather station, AcuRite Atlas, hits market

New weather station, AcuRite Atlas, hits market

The touchscreen weather station allows users to get in-depth weather data.


Chaney Instrument announced the release of a new weather station, the AcuRite Atlas. Built with high-precision sensor technology, Atlas allows users to connect to hyperlocal weather conditions. Atlas has the ability to track UV exposure, light intensity and lightning, in addition to monitoring temperature, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction. Along with these new features, Atlas offers an enhanced accuracy rating within 1 degree, improved durability and more frequent readings. 

“AcuRite Atlas is the future of personal weather monitoring and our most advanced weather station yet,” said AcuRite meteorologist Kari Strenfel. “Atlas provides consumers with a weather system they can depend on to accurately predict a variety of weather conditions in their exact location, rather than relying on a weather report that’s generated at the nearest news station or airport.”

Atlas allows users to quickly and easily access their data, archive it so they can look back and analyze historical information, and share it with fellow weather enthusiasts. Consumers are able to choose how they view their information, either on a high-definition touchscreen display or through remote monitoring, or both.

The high-definition indoor touchscreen display offers a snapshot of the day’s high and low records and graphs for each measurement to track trends. The display features an SD card slot for long-term storage of weather data.

Atlas can provide remote monitoring from any device–mobile or desktop, including via the My AcuRite smartphone app. This feature lets users view data from anywhere, even at work or on vacation, allowing them to stay connected. Customizable alerts and notifications inform of changing weather conditions that might need attention. Atlas has the capability to integrate with Amazon Echo for convenient, personalized weather reports from Alexa.

AcuRite Atlas retails starting at $249.99 and is available at