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October 20, 2016

American Landmaster

After 50 years as American Sportworks, the company has changed its name to American Landmaster.

“We believe we really make UTVs for people who want to get stuff done,” said Eric Hall, director of marketing.

The company has created the LandMAXX power system with engines by companies like Kohler, Briggs & Stratton and Honda, all custom-tuned and paired with a CVTech automatic transmission and a Shafer Driveline oil-filled transaxle.

The new line of Landstar UTVS includes:

LS202 with a 250-pound manual dump bed and 500-pound tow capacity

LS250 with a 400-pound haul capacity and 1,110-pound tow capacity

LS450 with a 400-pound haul capacity and a 1,110-pound tow capacity

LS550 with a 400-pound haul capacity and a 1,200-pound tow capacity

LS670/LS750 with a 500-pound haul capacity and a 1,200-pound tow capacity

Crew Cabs with a 400-pound haul capacity and a 1,200-pound tow capacity

LS48V with a 48-volt motor with reliable power at speeds up to 22 mph


Caterpillar has introduced its RP Series portable generator. While the generator is made to be used by contractors in the field, it is also made to be used by homeowners as well. The product features four models, ranging from 3.6 to 7.5 kW, as well as California-specific variations. Two of the models are also available with a lithium ion battery-start option.

When introducing the product, Caterpillar also announced the generators mark their entrance into the home and outdoor power market.


EcoTurf has created four different branded drivers to help contractors who use staples or stakes on the job.

The Staple Pro driver comes with a standard foot and can use an 11-gauge steel staple in 4, 6 or 8 inche lengths. The Irrigation Pro driver is dedicated for irrigation contractors, and features a foot designed to fit directly over the irrigation line. The Wire Pro driver is made for outdoor lighting and comes with a low-voltage wiring foot to safely anchor low-voltage wiring.

The Bio Pro driver doesn't work with staples; it only works with EcoTurf biodegradable stakes. The stakes are made of recycled plastic, which change into water, compost and carbon dioxide in the ground. These provide a safe, eco-friendly way to secure materials.

Fisher Barton

Fisher Barton has introduced its new line of self-sharpening lawn mower blades. LaserEdge with EverSharp technology helps with one of a contractors biggest challenges: equipment up time. The hardened steel blade sharpens itself while in use, elimintating the need to take the mower apart and sharpen or replace the blade when it dulls.

LaserEdge mower blades will be commercially available through OE dealer channels in Q1 of 2017.