Tenna launches TennaGO tracker

The latest GPS tracking technology from Tenna provide precise GPS tracking and management for equipment.


EDISON, N.J. – Tenna announced it has launched TennaGO, an IoT hardware tracking device representing the ongoing expansion of the Tenna product line.

Designed for tracking heavy equipment and machines that provide power sources, the TennaGO cellular trackers provide precise GPS tracking and management for high-value heavy yellow iron machines. TennaGO cellular trackers use IoT technology to connect equipment to the Tenna App on a mobile device for autonomous real-time tracking and monitoring.

“Tenna continues to evolve the platform offering new product developments and functionality. Tenna introduced TennaGO to continue to provide customers with optimal products that meet industry standards for IoT asset tracking technology. The market for GPS trackers is strong, and Tenna is incorporating new products to continue to meet demand. Now available for customers nationwide, TennaGO’s tracker technology generates asset data from multiple sensors that feeds into Tenna’s robust platform for analysis on equipment usage and location.,” said Austin Conti, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tenna.

Tenna has a variety of trackers that attach to equipment or plug-into vehicles, with TennaGO being the newest. These trackers not only identify the location and GPS position of an asset but also show the frequency of use and length of operation.

Employees can quickly search for inventory by type or site, find asset locations on a map, immediately view asset details and maintenance status, set up alerts based on maintenance reports and geographic boundaries, and simplify allocation with pick lists.

TennaGO is available in both rechargeable plug-in and long-life battery models.