FieldPulse partners with GPS Insight

The partnership allows FieldPulse users to track vehicle locations through the FieldPulse dashboard.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Field service software provider FieldPulse has partnered with GPS Insight to provide fleet tracking and fleet management features for their platform. Through this integration, FieldPulse users will be able to track their company vehicle locations directly from the FieldPulse dashboard.

FieldPulse serves as a digital hub for contractors allowing them to manage their entire business through a web and mobile application. FieldPulse’s core value centers around helping contractors go digital by combining customer management (CRM), estimates and invoicing, digital signatures and payments, scheduling and dispatching, GPS tracking, timesheets, and more.

Users can now utilize FieldPulse’s native dispatching feature but with GPS tracking enabled. Similarly, the data used in monitoring GPS tracking can be used to enhance other FieldPulse features such as timesheets, estimates, and billing.

“No matter the size of the business, proper fleet management affects operating costs, driver and public safety, customer satisfaction, and of course, ROI”, said Ryan Driscoll, VP of marketing at GPS Insight. “We are excited to partner with FieldPulse to ensure their users can now leverage our fleet management technology to further enhance their businesses to be as effective and efficient as possible.”

“A large part of assisting contractors in going digital is ensuring they have the data to consistently make informed business decisions,” said Gabe Pinchev, CEO of FieldPulse. “Our CRM and financial features are all obvious ways contracting businesses can keep tabs on data. However, by implementing GPS Insight, users can now access less accessible data such as fuel costs, route optimization, and other trends that may be slowing down productivity. We’re happy to give our users a deeper dive into their operations by rolling out this integration.”

With the release of the new integration, any FieldPulse customer who purchases GPS Insight between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 will have all service fees waived until Jan. 2019.