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November 25, 2014

Christy’s ROOT-BAN Drain Pipe Adhesive
The pitch: The special formula is designed to bond and seal polyethylene, HDPE or styrene drain pipe joints, providing a secure seal that inhibits root intrusion.
•    Unlike a push-fit connection which often is not a tight fit, Christy’s ROOT-BAN Drain Pipe Adhesive creates a strong, flexible joint.
•    The formulation incorporates special ingredients that inhibit root growth. Roots grow around rather than into the pipe.
•    Easily applied, this proprietary formulation of synthetic adhesives promotes a strong mechanical, leak-proof seal at the joint while the ROOT-BAN additive inhibits root growth.

FLEX Series LEDs with SmartCool Technology
The pitch: Unique Lighting Systems’ High-Power FLEX Series LEDs with SmartCool Technology automatically reduces the current to the lamps in high temperature installations.
•    By lowering the current, the lumen output is reduced keeping the LEDs running cool.
•    The new self-regulating technology will protect the new higher wattage lamps from thermal degradation due to heat.

HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer
The pitch: The HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer is a three-second solution for clearing grass around sprinkler heads. Just put the tool over the sprinkler and twist back and forth. Then you can get a clear picture of how the sprinkler head is operating, checking for leaks, flow and direction.
•    You never have to shut down the zone and the patent-pending design keeps you dry.
•    You can save an average of 10 minutes per stop.
•    It fits over any head up to 3 inches in diameter and 6-inch popup height.

Hunter MP Rotator MP800SR
The pitch: Water small spaces more efficiently with a new series of MP Rotators designed for distances from 6 to 12 feet. The SR series offers the benefits of multi-stream trajectory technology in areas smaller than possible before.
•    The new MP800SR provides the same excellent wind resistance, high distribution uniformity, double-pop nozzle protector and extreme resilience to dirt and debris found in standard MP rotators.
•    It delivers water at a low application rate of 0.8 inches per hour, less than half that of traditional spray nozzles.
•    The removable filter screen prevents large objects from clogging the nozzle and it’s color-coded for easy identification.

Hydro-Rain 1-inch PVC-lock Manifold Tee
The pitch: When PVC pipe is inserted to the pipe stop, the o-ring seals around the pipe and the stainless steel ring locks the pipe in place. The fitting with fully inserted pipe creates a permanent, leak-free connection.
•    No glue or primer is necessary.
•    It’s 100 percent tool and chemical free.
•    There’s no waiting for glue to dry. You can fully pressurize immediately.

Irritrol Expanded Metal Cabinet Line
The pitch: The new Total Control-R EXM models now include the 12, 18 and 24-station, along with the 34- and 48-station previously available. The metal, locking cabinet line includes:
•    Optional pedestal mount
•    Electrical surge protection
•    Climate Logic and remote control compatibility

K-Rain RPS 75i with Intelligent Flow Technology
The pitch: The RPS 75i is designed for residential and light commercial applications. This new addition to K-Rain’s line of rotors retains all of the features and benefits of the RPS75 and delivers even more.
•    A simple turn of the patented Flow Shut-off controls distance and water flow proportionately, up to 50 percent.
•    It delivers even water distribution, eliminates dry spots and provides better zone performance while saving water.
•    Reduce distance by reducing flow rate and save time on every project whether it’s new or a retrofit.

Kichler Design Pro LED Controller
The pitch: The Design Pro LED Controller by Kichler makes it easy to design and control personalized landscape lighting zones. The on-command, personalized lighting effects create dynamic landscape lighting designs.
•    The multiple wattage and independent zone control options are compatible with all 12V LED fixtures. It can regulate one group or multiple groups of fixtures manually and on independent schedules.
•    The DC power supplies enable you to load more fixtures because there is no power factor (VA) unlike traditional AC transformers.
•    The system digitally gives critical system readouts and troubleshoots overloads and shorts.

King Innovation I-tool
The pitch: The I-tool irrigation multi-tool is compatible with all major sprinkler brands with 15 tools and includes four irrigation-specific tools.
•    Tools include drip and nozzle cleaner, 3/32-inch hex key, 1/8 and 3/16-inch drip punch and nozzle adjustment key.
•    You can punch precise holes in poly, pull up any brand sprinkler head, quickly remove sediment and adjust arc.
•    The precise construction withstands extended use.

Munro PRO II and Universal PRO Enclosure
The pitch: Munro Companies announce the introduction of the Complete PRO II and Universal PRO Enclosure, created based on decades of feedback from irrigation professionals. The all-in-one professional pump station is for small and mid-size irrigation projects.
•    The PRO II incorporates a centrifugal pump (3/4 to 3HP)
•    The pump, pump control panel, fittings, gauges and attachments are all housed in a stainless steel enclosure
•    Designed specifically for a pump, the powder-coated stainless steel enclosure includes inlet and outlet ventilation points, mounting for a pump control box and security features to keep the pump safe.

Munro pump station and Baseline BaseStation 3200 controllers integration
The pitch: Munro and Baseline have teamed up to provide a new level of control and performance with customized integration between Munro’s pump stations and Baseline’s BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers.
•    Irrigators can now easily combine a Munro Systems Standalone Pump Station and a BaseStation 3200 without the need for extra hardware, proprietary programming, or add-on services or fees.
•    The integration allows the pump station to be continuously monitored and provides a reliable and simple solution to oversee and troubleshoot the station from the BaseStation 3200 interface.
•    The BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller offers industry-leading flow fault shutdown protection. Working together, these features extend the life of the system and protect the customer’s investment. So much so, that Munro will extend their warranty to match Baseline’s five-year warranty.

NDS Catch Basin Filter
The pitch: The filter helps to prevent dirt and debris from clogging the drainage system. The NDS Catch Basin Filter is removable and cleanable, making it easy to maintain. It fits NDS 9 and 12-inch catch basins.
•    The filter contains a bypass feature that allows water to flow to the catch basin even if the filter is full or after a heavy stormwater event.
•    The filter comes pre-assembled, making it easy to install: unscrew the grate, drop the filter in and reinstall the grate.
•    The filter bag is made out of nonwoven, spunbonded, polypropylene geoxtextile fabric that provides superior filtration, is inert to biological degradation and is resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids.

Outdoor Water Solutions Micro-Zipp
This patent-pending technology allows you to quickly install micro sprays without the hassle and mess of more conventional methods.
•    There’s no need to pre-punch holes.
•    You can install flush and nozzle in one pass.
•    It’s impervious to solvents, primers and PVC glues.

Philips Hadco FlexScape LED Accent Luminaire BL9
The pitch: Designed for optimal LED performance, the BL9 luminaire provides countless low-voltage options. The rugged die-cast aluminum housing features low-energy outdoor lighting. The all-weather luminaire comes with 100 percent molded silicone gaskets.
•    Convenient beam adjustability makes for easy on-site lighting effect changes.
•    The lockable aiming is well-suited for accenting objects, textures, walls, trees, etc.
•    The luminaire offers flexibility to change light intensity in the field and the innovative zoomable LED Optics allow different beam patterns.

Rachio Iro 8- or 16-zone Smart Sprinkler Controller
Rachio takes into account outside factors and adjusts accordingly. It also learns as you teach it about your yard’s needs and continues to tweak the watering schedule as it gets smarter. It connects to your WiFi via your mobile device and creates a watering schedule based on your location.
•    Customizing the best setup for you yard takes moments.
•    Personalized water reports are saved to the cloud for anytime, anywhere viewing via your device.
•    The watering schedule is set and adjusted based on location, season and humidity.

Signature Control Systems Share EZ Pro 8700 Series
The pitch: Available in 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 zones, the 8700 series comes in an indoor/outdoor weather resistant plastic cabinet with an internal transformer. There are four programs, multiple start times and schedule options.
•    This series is packed with many advanced water management features such as global water budgeting, water budgeting by month and a built-in sensor input.
•    The 1.25 amp has a self-resetting fuse for short circuit zone protection.
•    Either GSM or CDMA data connections are available.

Sollos Straight Bullet
The pitch: The architectural-grade die cast aluminum base, knuckle and shroud feature a fully adjustable swivel arm with locking teeth to maintain desired angles.
•    The lens is shock- and heat-resistant clear tempered glass.
•    The ProLED MR16 lamps offer 40,000 hour rated life, 10 to 15V input voltage range, multiple beam spreads and 2700K amber, blue, green, red and color changing options.
•    The stainless steel retention clip ensures secure lamp seating and protects the lamp from shock and vibration.

Toro Precision Rotating Nozzles, Short Radius Models
The pitch: Toro is introducing the new Short Radius versions of its Precision Rotating Nozzle family.
•    Nozzles allow coverage from 8 to 18 feet.
•    All Precision Rotating Nozzles are powered by a planetary drive system that features multiple wind-resistant, multi-trajectory streams.
•    The efficient design applies water evenly to reduce runoff and water waste.

Toro T5 RapidSet Series Rotor
The pitch: The T5 RapidSet rotor can be set in seconds with no tools for arc adjustments.
•    Toro now offers this feature in Shrub, 12-inch High-pop and Effluent models.
•    The T5 RapidSet also features a built-in slip clutch to protect gears from stipping, a 5-inch pop-up height and patent-pending Airfoil technology (in standard and low angle nozzles) that deliver uniformity.
•    The rotors are designed to save water, time and money.

Toro Pro Series Soil Sensor
The pitch: The new Pro Series Soil Sensor integrates with the Toro Sentinel Control system to continuously monitor soil moisture and make automatic watering adjustments.
•    The Sentinel control system will accommodate one sensor per program, up to 16 per controller.
•    The extension of the moisture probe allows moisture data to be collected up to 3 feet below the surface.
•    The wireless sensor communication makes installation easy by eliminating the need for trenching and running cables back to the controller. The main body of the sensor can be installed inside a valve box, which allows easy location of and convenient access to the sensor for servicing.

Unique Lighting Systems New Elements Series
The pitch: The Elements Series offers professional grade construction of 100 percent marine-grade A360 alloy construction, reinforced brass-threaded stakes and a propriety E-shield process for protection against corrosion
•    The Elements Series is compatible with the FLEX Series drop-in LED lamps.
•    System has a 15-foot wire lead standard on most fixtures.
•    It provides an additional 1-foot FLEX Auxiliary Lead for ease of installation and future expansion.

Unique Lighting Systems Light Logic Plus
The pitch: The Unique Lighting Systems new Light Logic Plus App allows scene control via mobile devices and a web supported gateway.
•    Light Logic Plus operates on a 900Mhz Spread Spectrum Radio Frequency.
•    Offers Peripheral Network Security (separate from the homeowner’s WiFi)
•    Use to control landscape lighting as well as ponds, fountains and gates.

Weathermatic SmartLink Water Restrictions Management

The pitch: Unprecedented water restrictions in the US are adding to the complexity and cost of managing landscape irrigation. To address this need, Weathermatic has launched SmartLink Water Restrictions Management, a simple set of tools that help users track and manage water restrictions in the cloud-connected SmartLine controller.
•    View water restriction updates in the SmartLink Sites page so you can quickly reprogram the controller remotely.
•    Use the Water Restrictions Compliance Check to let SmartLink show you if your controller programming is in compliance.
•    Omit days of the week, times of day and up to 15 different dates according to your current restrictions.