VR Retail launches 3-D garden design app

VR Gardens allows users to design a garden from scratch and is available across all platforms.

November 27, 2017

DUBLIN – VR Retail announced the official launch of VR Gardens. The app, founded by Bloom In The Park award-winning garden designer, Gary Hanaphy, is currently available across all platforms.

Speaking at the official launch of VR Gardens, CEO Gary Hanaphy said: “After two years of hard work, I am delighted to bring out a brand new 3-D garden design planner for garden and landscape designers and enthusiasts, as well as homeowners. Our software brings my years of experience spent designing and creating gardens for the Irish market into an easy-to-use and fun package. We’re looking forward to seeing people’s beautiful garden designs!”

VR Gardens allows users to design their garden from scratch or choose from over 30 pre-designed gardens. The app’s Adaptive Design Technology ensures the range of professionally designed gardens will automatically fit any garden no matter what shape or size. Users can choose themes such as Classic and Courtyard, with each one having its own mix of material and plants.

VR Gardens also acts as a digital quantity surveyor, generating a list of materials needed for each garden design. To complement this, the VR Gardens Digital Plant Expert is powered by VR’s Advanced Plant Library (APL). It analyzes the orientation of user’s gardens, placing plants in the ideal location based on whether beds are in the sun, shade or other conditions. The APL algorithm will choose the right plants based on each user’s garden design, offering an endless amount of variations.

The VR Gardens library offers a large of range of garden items to choose from, allowing users to explore their garden designs in 3-D or VR-modes.