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December 3, 2013
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Prevent soil borne diseases in turf and labeled ornamentals. Turfcide is an excellent solution for control of persistent diseases of turf –– from snow mold and brown patch to leaf spot and dollar spot. Preventative applications may be made in spring and fall. For control of existing turf disease, Turfcide should be treated at first sign of symptoms. Applied as a soil treatment, Turfcide also provides protection against a variety of soil borne diseases in greenhouse, shadehouse, nursery, landscape and field grown ornamentals as well as in interiorscapes. Available in both granular and liquid formulations always refer to Specimen Label use and rate recommendations before applying to turf or ornamentals.



AQUA DOC is a lake and pond management company dedicated to keeping Ohio’s lakes and ponds beautiful.  Celebrating our 30th year on Ohio waters, AQUA DOC is fully staffed with biologists, licensed aquatic specialists and experts in fountain technology.

Team AQUA DOC’s passion is aquatics.  We love water!  So when a problem occurs in a lake or pond AQUA DOC will provide the solution.  Whether working on Lake Erie or one of our customer’s small ponds, AQUA DOC has the knowledge and expertise to keep waters open for functional recreation use and aesthetic beauty while always keeping environmental stewardship first.

Experienced AQUA DOC personnel host and provide pond clinics throughout the State of Ohio.  We are always available to meet with, discuss, inform, and assist our customers in establishing goals and expectations for their individual body of water.



New Post-Emergent herbicide provides excellent control of Bermudagrass and goosegrass

With the active ingredient topramezone, this new post-emergent herbicide effectively controls numerous weeds including Bermudagrass, goosegrass, crabgrass, nimblewill, white clover, speedwell and numerous others.

“Keeping Bermudagrass out of fescue turf is a key issue for customers in the transition zone of the U.S. Our research shows Pylex herbicide provides more effective Bermudagrass control than other available products,” said Kyle Miller, Senior Market Development Specialist, BASF. “The launch of this product is a perfect example of our commitment to continually bring new innovations to the market.”

Pylex herbicide is ideal for use on most cool-season grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue and perennial ryegrass. Warm-season turfgrass is sensitive to the product, with the exception of centipedegrass, which is tolerant. Pylex herbicide has also shown excellent seeding flexibility by allowing seeding to occur any time at or after the time of application.
After application it is absorbed by leaves, roots and shoots and works by affecting photosynthesis in the plant, which results in bleaching of target weeds. Pylex herbicide is labeled for use on golf courses, lawns, athletic fields and sod farms.  

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The Bobcat S570 skid-steer loader is part of the new M-Series line of compact loaders featuring durability and performance enhancements that provide operators increased uptime, improved visibility and a more comfortable cab. The vertical lift path provides increased lifting capacity and greater forward reach at full lift height. The S570 has a rated-operating capacity of 1950 pounds and an operating weight of 6395 pounds. Complemented by a variety of snow removal attachments, the S570 offers the hydraulic power and performance to tackle winter storms.


Central Farm and Garden

Double Time Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass – A new revolutionary turf type perennial ryegrass that is a tetraploid rather than the conventional diploid.  Faster to establish, wear tolerant, best winter color, massive root system, drought tolerant and germinates later into fall than other varieties.  Ideal for new seeding, over-seeding and companion grass mixed with other varieties and types.  Nice dark green color all year long.  Professional stadium proven right down to any home lawn.


C&S Turfcare Equipment

Turf Tracker Stealth!

C&S is always looking for ways to improve the equipment we design and build.  The latest major design change is coming in the form of the all-new Turf Tracker Stealth!  New for 2014 is an all stainless -  Re-design and relocation of the Heavy Duty spreader motor.  The motor is now above the spreader, but under the protective hopper cover.

-  Cargo container for carrying extra granular product.
-  More compact spray boom allowing access to tighter areas while still allowing up to a 12ft wide spray width.



Equipped with a 72-volt AC drivetrain, the Cushman Hauler PRO has the range, power and operational efficiencies your course demands. Powered by a quiet, zero emissions 72-volt electric drivetrain, the Hauler PRO features a daily range of up to 50 miles fully loaded and all the energy benefits of a low maintenance AC system. An optional on-board charger gives you the flexibility to charge the Hauler PRO at any outlet within your facility. With a 1000-pound vehicle payload, optional limited-slip differential the Hauler PRO is the strong silent type that is easy to work with!


Davey Landscape Services

With the AIR2G2 machine, air is injected into the soil below the root zone and forced to move laterally and upward through the soil back into the root zone. Not only is the compaction relieved in the critical root zone area, but fractures created by the air movement through the soil enables greater air flow from the bottom of the root growth area up to the surface. By fracturing your soil from the bottom up using the AIR2G2 machine, your playing surfaces will be healthier due to increased microbial activity in your soil, allowing the soil to become alive and eliminating stagnation. More air space and channels are created within the soil profile. REAL AERATION AND COMPACTION RELIEF WITH NO SURFACE DISRUPTION?


Flight Control

Flight Control Plus, is a naturally occurring compound that is spray applied. The treated turf conditions geese to avoid the area.  Flight Control Plus, is odorless and waterproof so it won’t come off the grass when it rains or when irrigated like competitors product. 

Geese feed on the treated turf and experience a harmless but effective intestinal reaction.  Geese also can see the compound in the ultraviolent light spectrum (in which people cannot see).  They become conditioned by this visual warning to avoid treated areas and find new feeding sites away from the treated turf.  The visual warning along with the mild reaction equals a threat with consequence, which make the geese leave and not comeback.

We recommend treating only the area where the geese actively feed, called the “Drop Zone” because it will be well marked by goose droppings. The geese typically won’t just move to area another part of the sprayed property.  Geese normally have a specific list of 6 –7 feeding sites other than the treated property.  Most of the time after treating, the geese will relocate to their next favorite site rather than to another section of the treated property.

Flight Control Plus, is used by geese control people as a very effective geese eviction program and is defined by specific site needs.  Once the geese are conditioned, Flight Control Plus is applied on an “as needed” spot basis.  Our experience shows geese begin avoiding the treated area within 2 days after initial exposure.  However, during nesting season property owners can only control where geese feed until they are able to fly.  Then property owners can take back their properties.

For more information call 1-302-504-7401 or go to


Gowan USA

Get rid of nutsedge for good.  Control purple and yellow nutsedge above and below ground with SedgeHammer Plus, a new formula from Gowan USA.  SedgeHammer Plus works by moving through the leaf and into the plant to kill what you see, and the tubers and rhizomes you don’t.  Now with surfactant included, control is as easy as pour, mix, and spray with no risk of injuring the desirable turf.  Bust you Nutlets with SedgeHammer Plus.


Green Velvet

Green Velvet proudly promotes the use of PrimeraOne’s NEW APEX-10 organic peat humic substance – So much so that we use it on our own sod farm – IT WORKS! APEX-10 is a unique plant and soil health product made from highly humified peat sources that have a variety of very active and complex materials from plant fibers and contain many active organic constituents. With the ability to stimulate microorganisms, APEX-10 is like a powerful energy drink for the existing soil microbe population!

What differentiates this product from its competition is the patented extraction process used to recover all of its humic substances along with humic and fulvic acids in their most natural and beneficial form. The collection process is able to produce a very high ratio of fulvic acid per unit, which is critical in the transport of the greatest amount of nutrients through root and leaf pores and into microbial cells.

Our farm managers and sales team have put their full support behind this product and trust in its ability to outperform other bio-stimulants on the market.

Improve the efficiency of your golf, sports turf or landscaping operation by putting APEX-10 to work for you:
-  Reduce fertilizer needs up to 66%
-  Decrease in irrigation requirements by as much as 30%
-  Enhance nitrogen retention in soil by over 400% per acre
-  Increase bacteria and fungi population and activity
-  Accelerate root development
-  Optimize plant metabolism
-  Drop in transplant loss by half or more
-  Improve durability and recovery
-  Better playability
-  Superior stress tolerance


Growth Products

BioNutrients 8-0-9 is an organic biostimulant and soil conditioner designed to add that extra “bounce” to all warm and cool season turfs.  It contains three species of rhizosphere bacillus (B. subtilis, B. megaterium and B. licheniformis), which together produce four effective enzymes that operate at a wide temperature range.  It’s natural wetting agent, which is derived from Yucca, draws the product into the most difficult soils and its L-amino acids, humic acids, kelp extracts, and other carbon rich molecules sustain microbial activity.  A safe and easy to apply product, BioNutrients 8-0-9 has a near neutral pH and no special storage requirement.  It dissolves quickly in water and can be tank-mixed with most pesticides, fertilizers, and micronutrients.  For regular maintenance of fairways and other sport and lawn turfs, it should be applied monthly throughout the growing season.  Sprays of BioNutrients are also recommended for overseeded, hydroseeded, or newly seeded sods.  For more information please visit or call (800) 648-7626. 


Liquid Fence

Weed & Grass Killer which is a powerful non-selective grass and broadleaf herbicide made with natural botanical oils.  Use it on sidewalks, driveways, patio cracks, paths, gravel areas, mulch and along fences.  Because it’s eco-safe, EcoLogic Weed * Grass Killer can be used liberally and the better the foliar coverage, the better the results!  Signs of plant death should be visible on most weeds within hours of application. 



The PermaGreen Triumph ride-on spreader sprayer is the professional landscaper's choice for consistent, reliable, fast, safe, and durable powered spreading and spraying. PermaGreen’s 2014 Triumph features an improved “ExtraEasy” steering system, a new spreader setting mechanism with low-speed spreader adjustment, a free-flowing standard hopper, and two optional spot sprayer attachments. The standard model includes a 3-hole Lesco hopper and two six-gallon spray tanks. Optional configurations are also available with a single-hole Centri hopper and the option to delete the spray tanks and get only a center hopper (either Lesco or Centri). Rubber engine mounts, handlebar grips, and rider foot pads reduce vibration for less operator fatigue. Locking handles for front and rear brakes improve safety, and the locking sprayer handle locks the sprayer in the "on" position to reduce operator fatigue on long open runs. The Triumph’s 5.5HP 200cc Honda horizontal shaft gasoline engine with wet clutch and Peerless transmission is the industry’s most reliable drive system. And the redesigned spreader wheel is even reversible (so once the top spreader surface wears out, it can be removed, flipped upside down, reinstalled, and put back into service - essentially doubling the lifespan to reduce long term operating costs). For 2014, the PermaGreen Triumph continues to lead the industry in terms of overall performance and low long-term cost of ownership!  PermaGreen ride-on spreader sprayers are sold and serviced by Power Equipment Solutions, LLC. In addition to PermaGreen, Power Equipment Solutions offers a wide selection of products and services, including custom golf cars, off-road utility vehicles, cargo & utility trailers, generators, industrial equipment, and more. Conveniently located in Vandalia, Ohio, just minutes from Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and the I-70/I-75 interchange, Power Equipment Solutions serves clients throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and across the United States. Learn more at 800-466-7149 or


Real Green Systems

Mobile Live. With this device you’ll be able to monitor all aspects of work that’s been assigned to your technicians. You will also be able to track their location live anytime you want. You can view the work they’ve completed as well complete with condition codes, notes that were left for the customers, print out an invoice with all that important information in a nice legible format to leave behind for the customer. When their day is complete you can merely sync their work right into the software, view it, and then with one click of your mouse….POST IT!!



Chicken manure is not a four-letter word.  Its nutrient value is legendary – but so is its smell.  RENEWtrients offers a safe, sustainable lawn maintenance program with its line of liquid and granular chicken manure WHICH DOESN”T STINK!

RENEWtrients isn’t compost, litter or dried pellets.  It is “digestate”, manure which has been processed through an anaerobic digester which kills pathogens and converts ammonia into “plant ready” ammonium which won’t burn, leach or volatilize.

Both the liquid and granular products offer a complete nutrient package of all essential plant nutrients and trace elements, along with priceless organic matter to increase water holding capacity, aerate the soil, reduce pests, and slow the release of nutrients.

Basic liquid RENEWtrients is nothing but pure poo, and it is currently being evaluated for OMRI certification.  Another liquid formulation is a 50/50 blend of manure and liquid ammonium sulfate.  The AMS is actually made with ammonia stripped from the manure.   Granular RENEWtrients is highly concentrated (12-10-10) and easy to spread.  Just like its liquid counterpart, it has no offensive manure odor.

RENEWtrients isn’t a giant in the congested field of organic fertilizers.  It is, however, a pioneer in the emerging field of sustainable fertilizers which are redefining best practices for turf maintenance programs.  Customer expectations oblige most turf professionals to follow sustainable turf maintenance programs.   That often comes down to choosing a fertilizer which is either ecologically sound or economically viable.  RENEWtrients is both, providing simple, trusted and proven results for as little as $31.00 an acre.

There’s value in doing what’s right and following a sustainable fertilization program.  Telling your customers that chicken manure is what keeps their lawns strong and healthy isn’t in bad taste – it’s good business.

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Musketeer is the first turf plant growth regulator (PGR) to incorporate triple Turf PGR technology to uniquely and effectively suppress Gibberellic Acid synthesis, leading to superior growth regulation of targeted turfgrasses. Musketeer’s triple turf PGR technology delivers enhanced growth suppression of Poa annua without negatively impacting the lateral growth and health of creeping bentgrass compared to formulations of paclobutrazol alone. Musketeer contains optimum ratios of flurprimidol, paclobutrazol, and trinexapac-ethyl to selectively suppress Poa annua growth while allowing the bentgrass (or other desired turf species) to continue to grow vigorously. The result, more bentgrass and less Poa annua.

Programmed applications of Musketeer has also been shown to be overly effective at suppressing Dollar Spot incidence in fairways, greens and tees. Two of the active ingredients in Musketeer are structurally similar to pyrimidine and triazole fungicides that provide Dollar Spot control. As a result, Musketeer can help alleviate your fungicide expenditures and provide superior growth regulation.

Edgeless Liquid integrates the patented synergy of two turf growth regulators to control growth and reduce string trimming requirements of turfgrasses. Edgeless is applied as a 6-inch banded application wherever repeated string trimming or edging of turfgrass is required. Proper application of Edgeless can result in up to 8 weeks of greatly reducing the need for string trimming, resulting in improved profitability by reducing labor and fuel costs.

Edgeless can be applied to perennial turfgrasses along the perimeter of; lawns, perennial landscape beds, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, driveways, posts, mailboxes, building structures, gravestones, fences, and around the base of trees and other similar areas.


Standard Golf

When mediocrity isn’t an option and only perfections will do, turn to Standard Golf’s Tour Pro Bunker Rake.  No other bunker rake can make smooth, level, playable surfaces like the Tour Pro. 
-  20” (51 cm) and 25” (63 cm) heads ensure tracks are covered with minimum effort, while pioneering design creates tournament quality surfaces.   
-  When durability is a must, the exclusive Gator Grip Handle is your best option, available in both 60” (152 cm) and 72” (183 cm) lengths. 
-  A single self-tapping screw (included) is all you need for assembly.
-  Priced individually.  Sold in multiples of twelve. 

Contact Standard Golf at 1-866-743-9773 for more information.


Sterling Formulations

Sterling Formulations manufactures premium fertilizers for the lawn care and crop production industries.  We utilize the most advanced technologies used in crop production for our lawn care fertilizers in order to drastically improve lawn performance while using significantly less product.  Our liquid fertilizers are designed with a slow release technology that provides the absolute best continual nitrogen release to the grass blades available.  Not only will your customers’ lawns look better, but you will use significantly less fertilizer (typically 50% or less).  That’s a big savings to your bottom line.  And since we built intense tackifiers into our formulas our fertilizers are effective in even harsh conditions, such as drought and heavy rains. 

We have also developed a nanotechnology based starter fertilizer that targets grass root systems for much quicker and healthier root growth.  Deeper and heartier roots create healthier and more beautiful grass blades.