On demand snow removal service launched

LawnGuru's app is available on iPhone, limited Android phones and a web-based app will launch soon.

December 4, 2015

LawnGuru has announced the release of its on demand snow removal service, Push to Plow. The app now allows users to request snow clearing at the push of a button. The company has been described as “The Uber for lawn care and snow plowing.”

Customers use simple mapping tools within the app to trace out their areas of lawn, driveway and sidewalk. The process takes just a few minutes and provides users with upfront pricing. On average, customers pay just $33 for lawn mowing and $42 for on-demand snow plowing. Once a user has created their account, they can request service with the push of a button to be connected with local service providers.
LawnGuru launched the platform six months ago to just 12 zip codes in Southeast Michigan. Since then, the startup has expanded to over 100 zip codes. The company was named one of Michigan’s top companies to watch, and last month LawnGuru walked away with a $25k check after winning “Best Consumer Product & Service” at the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition.
LawnGuru was recently selected as one of the top tech startups in the world to join 500 Startups. The four month program runs from October through February in Mountain View, California and helps startups rapidly grow their businesses. 
Currently the app is available as a free download to anyone with an iPhone. An Android version is also available for service providers who are interested in joining the platform, and a new web-based app will be launching in the coming weeks for all desktop and tablet users.
Interested in learning more about LawnGuru? Visit www.lawnguru.co