FX Luminaire releases new SD wall light

The new product expands the company's offering in lighting fixtures and designs.

December 4, 2018

FX Luminaire has released its new SD wall light, which has a cylindrical drum design, provides a range of classic and contemporary applications and offers optical control for downward illumination.

“The SD expands our offering in this fixture category, so customers have more choices for their lighting designs,” Senior Marketing Manager Ryan Williams said.

The SD installation is best for entryways, outdoor meeting spaces, seating areas and other applications where there is no available ceiling or overhead surface. For maximum comfort, the fixture’s extended glare shield prevents light from shining into the eyes of passersby.

The fixture’s wall-mounted bracket installs with a standard junction box, and the back plate efficiently seals and masks the installation opening.

Made of die-cast aluminum, the SD is offered in 3, 6, or 9LED. A ZDC option is also available for more zoning, dimming and color applications when used with the Luxor controller. The fixture is a member of the Designer Plus category.

The SD is available now. Learn more at fxl.com.