BrightView-maintained Oracle sites honored for water savings

Two Oracle campuses were awarded for efficient water use after BrightView helped them achieve savings.

December 22, 2017

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. – The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Coalition recognized Oracle’s two area campuses with the overall award for efficient water use. BrightView worked with Oracle to achieve a savings of $573,000 and 91 million gallons of potable water in one year.

BrightView maintains the landscape at Oracle’s World Headquarters in Redwood City, California, and their Santa Clara facilities, both of which were recognized for efficient water use.

“Oracle’s expectation is for these campuses to be state-of-the-art and our team was excited to help make that happen,” said Brandon De Young, vice president general manager at BrightView. “We brought in HydroPoint and highly recommended their smart irrigation products and how we use them on site to preserve water.”

BrightView installed HydroPoint WeatherTRAK smart controllers to the irrigation system, which helped to reduce water consumption by 29 percent. It was a three-month project to convert more than 50 conventional controllers to smart controllers.

“We take the plant type, sprinkler type, slope, and soil type and combine them into a formula to determine the water needs for each zone,” De Young said. “The controllers also alert us of any issues from the last water cycle.”

Oracle has also decided to have smart irrigation products installed at all its locations in California. In addition to installing the irrigation controllers, BrightView planted California native plants, which require less water, and changed the irrigation to drip and high-efficient matched precipitation rate nozzles.