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January 18, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

Where do you rank?
Earlier this year, Lawn & Landscape editors - with the help of independent firm ABR Research - surveyed more than 600 of our readers and conducted dozens more personal interviews to pull together the 2011 Benchmarking Your Business Report. Visit to learn more about what companies across the country pay their employees, spend on equipment, and how they’re budgeting for 2012.

The 411 on downy mildew
Impatiens Downy Mildew is spreading across the country and is having real impacts up and down the supply chain. Landscape contractors, nursery growers and greenhouse growers all need to know how this disease can impact their business, and what they can do to prevent it.

In this webinar, Ball’s Jeff Gibson and Colleen Warfield and Syngenta’s Matt Blanchard and Nancy Rechcigl give you all the information you need on this fast-spreading disease. Go to to listen to the complete webinar.

Visit to read an article from our November issue about the disease and how to prevent it.

The water crisis

The latest issue of our sister publication A Garden Life is now available and features an in-depth story on the global water crisis. Check out a snippet below:

Water draws us to it with a force like no other. It’s a major factor in where we live, where we play, and the quality of our lives. Without clean water, there is no agriculture, no sanitation, no industry, and there are certainly no vacations on the beach.

When water disappears, basic life stops. Our most precious resource is already in short supply in many of parts of the world, and it’s becoming scarcer. As the global population grows, access to clean water shrinks, and with it, access to a healthy diet. Groundwater becomes contaminated, lives are put in danger, pollution runs rampant and the entire ecosystem suffers.

But part of the real loss is also in the disappearance of some of the world’s most beautiful scenes. If the oceans, lakes, streams and seas that inspired the likes of Magellan, Monet and Hemmingway disappear, along with them go the health of the planet and the fate of the human race.

Download it for free on iTunes at and Kindle Fire at


Entangling employees and the right way to change
We ran out of room this month, but Popular Posts will be back next month with even better posts.

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Check out a couple of the podcasts from our November Playlist below.

Web of excellence

If you think having engaged employees is enough, then you are missing out on great growth opportunities for your company, according to author Molly Meyer. Creating an entangled organization will drive employees to high levels of success. Visit to listen.

Don’t fear the unknown

Driving change doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. Change management consultant Moe Glenner has tips to keep in mind next time you introduce something new to your team. Visit to listen.