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February 13, 2013

Remember when your parents would tell you to get off your butt and go do something? Well, we’re telling you to get off that mower seat and get on your feet. Stand-on mowers give you a better view of the land you are mowing, and make it easier when you have to get off the mower to move debris that are hindering your progress. We’re so excited about the thought of you standing up and mowing, we’ve listed some options in the stand-on mower market to get you jump started.

Exmark Vantage X-Series Stand-On Rider

The pitch:
Exmark introduces the Enhanced Control System (ECS) to the Vantage X-Series rider.

  • ECS improves operator control with controls at the fingertips and a more natural riding position.
  • The series has reduced-friction pumps and upgraded wheel motors to maintain ground speed of up to 8 mph.
  • Choices of 48-, 52- or 60-in. UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks with patented flow-control baffles and optimized blade tip speed.

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Gravely Pro-Stance Series Mowers 

The pitch:
Gravely’s Pro-Stance series mower provides enhanced productivity and comfort. 

  • Change the deck height at the control panel without stepping off the machine with the dial height-of-cut adjustment.
  • Dual-deck lift controls allow you to raise the deck by hand or foot lever.
  • Heavy-duty, removable rubber discharge chute allows for flexibility mowing around objects.
  • Optional accessories: mulching kit, grass collector, operator controlled discharge chute, grass catcher bracket.

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John Deere QuikTrak Stand-On Mowers
The pitch:
The re-designed QuikTrak stand-on commercial mower is designed to meet the changing needs of professional landscape contractors and is available in the B Series and R Series.

  • It offers one of the shortest designs available on the market, and it is also one of the lightest, making it highly maneuverable around obstacles and contours in the turf.
  • The B Series features a 22.0-hp engine with a 7-gauge, fabricated 52-in. fixed deck, run flat front tires, and sealed front caster bearings.
  • The R Series is available with a 22.0- or 23.5-hp engine with 48-, 52-, or 61-in. 7-gauge fabricated floating decks.

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Toro GrandStand

The pitch:
The Toro 60-in. GrandStand Stand-On Mower offers speed, maneuverability, versatility and comfort.

  • It has a 26-hp Kawasaki engine, coupled with the 60-in. Turbo Force cutting deck.
  • A wide stance and optimized balance allows operators to maneuver with ease over a multitude of terrains.
  • The Flex-Ride operator platform is self-compensating, allowing operators of varying size to remain comfortable, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • The Flex-Ride platform can be folded up to instantly convert the GrandStand into a walk-behind, eliminating the need for multiple mowers and saving trailer space.

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