Commercial properties appreciate quality above all else

Features - Cover Story: Grow the Market

February 10, 2014

A landscape is more than just green grass. Whether it is a recreational park, a home lawn or a commercial renovation project, a well-maintained landscape delivers a sense of community. It greets visitors, provides a play area for children and gives homeowners pride in their outdoor living space. As the economy continues to recover, the lawn and landscape market also continues to grow as commercial properties seek unique landscapes and beautiful spaces with quality turf.

To help you maintain your customer’s landscape, Syngenta is proud to partner with Lawn & Landscape on this special Grow the Market report. Keeping in mind the value of quality customer service, the findings in this report can help you implement business strategies for the year ahead. The report features feedback from your customers, giving you insight into current market trends such as:

  • 89 percent of property managers reported their landscape budgets have remained the same or increased in the past three years. However, of those commercial properties whose budgets increased, 42 percent increased their spending between 10 and 19 percent.
  • More than half of property managers consider the quality of completed projects to be the most important hiring factor. In 2013, only 5 percent of decision makers hired a landscaper because the company offered the lowest bid. In the lawn care industry, commercial properties are willing to pay more for high-quality services that meet their needs.
  • When there are errors or a lack of efficiency in service delivery, 69 percent of property managers are more likely to end the partnership. The importance of providing efficient service and completing a job in a timely manner ranks high on the list of necessary qualities for a landscaper.

These are just a few of the trends identified in this 2014 Grow the Market report. In this issue, you will find many insights to help you grow your business.

As homeowners and businesses begin to invest more into lawn care, Syngenta is looking forward to providing the tools you need to give them a beautiful outdoor space. With brands like Acelepryn insecticide, Barricade herbicide, Heritage fungicide and new products in development, Syngenta remains dedicated to helping you grow your business with products that perform.


Laurie Riggs

Lawn Care Market Manager
Syngenta Lawn and Garden


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