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Bobcat UTVs. Classen Reciprocating Aerator. DayLube Nano-Ceramic Grease. Polaris UTVs.

April 8, 2013
Lawn & Landscape Staff

Bobcat UTVs
The pitch: Bobcat Co. has released the new 3600 and 3650 hydrostatic drive utility vehicles. The 3650 model will also be able to operate front-mounted PTO attachments.

  • The first utility vehicles in the Bobcat lineup to offer cabs with heat and air conditioning.
  • The 3600 meets the need for Bobcat customers who want the benefits of a hydrostatic drive utility vehicle.
  • The 3650 will have the capacity to operate front-mounted attachments that are PTO driven.

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Classen Reciprocating Aerator  
The pitch: The new RA-21 Reciprocating Aerator by Classen addresses many of the pain points associated with reciprocating aerators including limited aeration swath, difficulty of use and maintenance and the high price tag often associated with reciprocating tine machines.

  • Offers a wide 21-in. aeration swath for exceptional coverage in a single pass made possible through an 8-tine bank that penetrates at a depth up to 2.75 in.
  • The core tines reciprocate at 450 revolutions per minute and cover up to 26,000 sq. ft. per hour.
  • Pneumatic wheels allow for better flotation and easier maneuverability.

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DayLube Nano-Ceramic Grease

The pitch:
DayLube nano-ceramic grease maintains its original viscosity and adhesion even after 100,000 production strokes.

  • Nano-ceramic particles act as sub-microscopic ball bearings to provide continuous lubrication to steel surfaces.
  • DayLube operates in temperature ranges from -40°F to 800°F – and the nanoceramic particles remain intact to 2,500°F.  
  • DayLube is available in 16-ounce tubes and 16-ounce jars, as well as 1-gal. and 5-gal. pails.  

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Polaris UTVs
The pitch:
Polaris unveiled the Polaris Brutus, the company’s first purpose-built commercial vehicle line and the first side-by-side utility vehicle in the market to deliver front-end power take-off (PTO) capability.

  • Brutus models leverage technology found in the Polaris Ranger line and are comprised of three models – Brutus, Brutus HD and Brutus HDPTO.
  • Offers a 24-hp diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission in Brutus HD.
  • A treadle pedal allows travel in forward or reverse without shifting gears, aimed at helping in commercial settings.
  • Brutus vehicles provide 6 in. of suspension travel.
  • Brutus HDPTO has integrated, front-end mechanical PTO with 7 inches of PTO system ground clearance.

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