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April 9, 2014
Lawn & Landscape Staff

Buyers Products SprayLube 990

The pitch: Buyers Products now offers SprayLube 990, a spray lubricant.

  • SprayLube 990 penetrates and loosens rust and corrosion on metal-to-metal parts.
  • Formulated with corrosion inhibitors, SprayLube 990 protects surfaces as well as lubricates and displaces moisture.
  • SprayLube 990 is ideal for lubricating and protecting a variety of parts including pintle hooks, drive train sprockets, door hinges and many others.

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CASE Construction 580 Super N Wide Track

The pitch: The 580 Super N Wide Track backhoe loader features Ram Laramie Longhorn styling.

  • The 580 Super N Wide Track features a 3.4-liter, turbocharged 95 HP engine that burns cleaner and has up to five percent better fuel efficiency under load.
  • The N Series models’ deliver increases in breakout force, lift and reach when compared to previous models.

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Coxreel Reels

The pitch: Coxreels’ new 1175 and 1185 Series reels now come equipped with a remodeled, low-profile outlet riser offering improved full-flow characteristics.

  • The 1175 and 1185 series feature a new on-piece swept outlet riser and replace the machined flange riser and o-ring flange seal.
  • The low-profile outlet riser and open drum slot design also allow for a non-crimping, flat smooth hose wrap.
  • A one-piece all welded “A” frame base for stability and 1 1/2 inch hose I.D.

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JRB Nexus Cast Multi Pick-Up Coupler

The pitch: The new JRB Nexus Cast Multi Pick-Up Coupler for wheel loaders increases productivity and visibility for wheel loaders using multiple attachments.

  • The center of gravity is closer to the machine for load stabilization.
  • It is designed to pick up both ISO and 416 attachments and features replaceable ISO pins and 416 collars.
  • The JRB Nexus is available for a variety of OEM machine models.

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Kichler 2700K Design Pro LED

The pitch: Kichler has announced the addition of a 2,700 Kelvin color temperature option for select Design Pro LED products.

  • Adhering to tight LED binning tolerances, the new 2,700K Kichler Design Pro LED fixtures provide color consistency for every job.
  • The option will be available in two Design Pro LED 12-volt 2-in-1 water and accent lights, three Design Pro LED 12-volt wall wash accent fixtures, 18 Design Pro LED 12-volt deck and patio fixtures and 46 Design Pro LED 12-volt path and spread fixtures.

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Hunter Drip Emitters

The pitch: Hunter’s new pressure-compensating drip emitters are available in a range of flow rates, up to six gallons per hour, to deliver the right amount of water.

  • They’re available in three inlets: self-piercing barb, 10/32 thread, and 1/2-inch female thread. The barb and 10/32 thread models are offered in .5, 1, 2, 4, and 6 GPH models; the 1/2-inch female threaded model is available in 1 and 2 GPH.
  • An optional diffuser cap helps gently distribute water and protects the emitter from external debris.

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Profile Products Tornado Tack ST-1000

The pitch: The Straw Tack 1000 is an all-in-one, high-loading straw tackifier. Tornado Tack ST-1,000 gives contractors twice the coverage of a traditional blended mulch and tackifier while providing an environmentally safe bond.

  • It can be loaded at up to 70 pounds per 100 gallons.
  • A 3,000-gallon tank can cover up to four acres.
  • Its all-in-one package means easier loading and storage, so there is never a need to transport multiple products to the jobsite for field mixing.

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Sany Company Excavators

The pitch: The short-tail swing Sany SY16C and the zero-tail swing Sany SY35U are the company’s first compact excavator models. They feature Tier 4-certified Yanmar engines.

  • The SY35U features a zero-tail swing design and an enclosed cab that includes standard air conditioning and heating.
  • The SY16C offers a short-tail swing design. The undercarriage is hydraulically extendible.

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Toro 800 Series Direct Collect Z

The pitch: The mower’s rear-discharge design that allows for trimming on both sides of the deck, so operators can keep planting beds and sidewalks clipping-free.

  • It is equipped with a large-diameter blower that generates more airflow for better vacuuming and collection.
  • The fill-reduction system lets operators choose between 100 percent bagging, 50 percent bagging/50 percent mulching or 100 percent mulching.

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Vermeer BC1000XL

The pitch: Vermeer now offers the BC1000XL model of brush chippers for tree care and land clearing. The diesel engine model now has a Tier 4 final Deutz engine option with DVERT diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology and features the EcoIdle engine control system, which contributes to fuel efficiency.

  • When the EcoIdle engine control system is engaged, it automatically lowers engine speed to 1400 RPM if no material has been chipped for either 60 seconds or five minutes.
  • Machine functions such as engine RPM, battery voltage, fuel consumption and coolant temperatures can be consistently monitored. Fault codes and error messages alert the operator to a potential problem.
  • The SmartFeed feed-sensing control system is designed to enhance productivity and reduce wear on feed system components. A standard bottom feed stop bar is designed to make it possible for the operator’s leg to strike the bar and stop the feed roller.

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Worksaver Pallet Forks

The pitch: Worksaver introduces new pallet forks designed for mini skid-steers and compact tool carriers. Two models are available, with both models featuring universal mini mount type.

  • Model MPF-900 features forks that are 1 inch by 3 inches by 31.5 inches, mounted on a frame that is 30.5 inches wide with a rated capacity of 900 lbs.
  • The rail-style Model MPF-2000 is rated at 2,000 lbs. and utilizes Class I tines of 1.18 inches by 3 inches by 42 inches on a 33.25 inch-wide frame.

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