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It’s very important your customers can see the ground in front of them. Here’s a collection of path lights to consider for your next lighting gig.

May 1, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

Cambridge Solar Powered Paver Lights
The pitch:
Say goodbye to wiring, cable, and electrical power supplies with the Cambridge Solar Powered Paver Lights.

  • Built-in solar panels will hold a charge for more than eight continuous light hours.
  • Provide up to 100,000 hours of use.
  • Made of glass block material.

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Vista LED Lamps
The pitch: With Vista Professional’s MR-16 LED Lamp, contractors can upgrade existing landscape lighting installations to the energy-saving benefits of LED.

  • Vista’s proprietary design features unitized construction that protects the MR-16’s LED and driver from corrosion.
  • Lamps last up to 35,000 hours.
  • Low-wattage MR-16s allow more lamps per cable and transformer.

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Kichler Llena and Llenita Path Lights
The pitch: Kichler introduces an extension to its Design Pro LED line, the Llena and Llenita Path Lights.

  • The Llena and Llenita Path Lights design reflects the direct light up to the cap and out in an even spread.
  • 40,000 hour life span.
  • Come in 15 in. for low-lying plants, and 22.5 in. for larger plants.

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FX Luminaire
The pitch: The PL and TM are an evolution of the FX Path Light series with a new construction material.

  • • Utilizes aluminum used on the incandescent series
  • • 50,000 hours average of useful LED light
  • • The PL and the TM utilize all the same internal components of the copper series like color filters and ZD option.

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Orbit Model 114

The pitch: Orbit Industries introduces Model 114, a new LED-ready path light with a choice of copper or architectural bronze finish.

  • The fixture is equipped with a halogen JC bi-pin lamp and also accepts an LED bulb.
  • The LED lamp delivers 1.6 W of illumination, equivalent to 10W incandescent.
  • The bell-shaped shade measures 4.5-in. high x 5.25-in. wide and has a heavy glass dome covering the lamp.

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