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Here’s a sample proposal to use on your next project.

June 3, 2013
Lawn & Landscape


  1. Provide a thorough inspection and report of the current function of the existing irrigation system
  2. Ensure that sufficient water coverage is available for the new turf area being proposed
  3. Provide a detailed written proposal for any irrigation improvements that may be necessary

COST: $xxx.xx

Client Initials: ACCEPT ___________ DECLINE ___________


  1. Obtain random soil plugs suitable for sampling through the County Extension service or suitable soil lab testing center
  2. Provide a written report detailing current soil analysis and a written proposal with recommended amendments necessary to improve soil

Client Initials: ACCEPT ___________ DECLINE ____________


  1. Should client elect to decline PROJECT #1B (SOIL TESTING) as outlined above, Sarros Landscaping shall apply a general purpose soil mixture consisting of a blend of topsoil, river sand and compost
  2. Soil blend shall be applied at a rate of (1) cubic yard/500 square feet and mixed into the existing soil on site

Client Initials: ACCEPT ___________ DECLINE ____________


  1. Hand Rake area to remove loose sticks and debris
  2. Haul debris material away from site and dispose at off-site location
  3. Install (1,800) square feet Meyer Zoysia sod
  4. Roll sod and seams upon completion


  1. Client shall be responsible for watering, fertilizing, mowing and caring for new sod according to the Sod Care Guidelines document provided by [COMPANY NAME]
  2. New sod is guaranteed to take root within the first (30) days when cared for according to the guidelines set forth by [COMPANY NAME]
  3. [COMPANY NAME] does not guarantee sod where a functioning programmable irrigation system is not in place or where proper operation has not been verified
  4. [COMPANY NAME] will make every effort to leave the newly sodded area as smooth and level as possible. Client may expect the new lawn to require an application of river sand to achieve a greater degree of “level” across the surface. This service is available through our company for an additional charge.