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July 19, 2012

Aquascape Second Generation IonGen System
The pitch:
Aquascape has released the second generation of its IonGen System, an electronic water clarifier solution for ponds, pondless waterfalls and decorative water features.

  • Is not toxic to any animals that may drink from the water feature, and eliminates unsightly water conditions without the use of chemicals.
  • The automatic control panel sends signals that slowly dissolve a replaceable, copper probe.
  • Enhanced design of the flow chamber and probe reduces the chance of the probe bars clogging, thereby decreasing required maintenance.

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Arctic Frostbite System

The pitch:
The Frostbite System provides selective post-emergent control for broadleaf and grassy weeds without using conventional chemical herbicides.

  • The Frostbite System uses man-made frost to control weeds naturally.
  • Through the controlled expansion of compressed air, the system kills any frost-susceptible weeds while leaving cool-season grasses unharmed.
  • Frostbite is effective with a single application and can be used in hot (greater than 85°C) or cold temperatures and in wet or rainy conditions.

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Deep Aire Diffuser
The pitch:
The Deep Aire bottom-mounted air diffuser creates a healthy pond by taking oxygen to the pond’s lowest depth along the bottom.

  • The Deep Aire diffused aeration systems are designed as an alternative source of aeration.
  • Diffused air systems utilize an air compressor, located on the shore, which delivers oxygen through a hose to a special diffuser lying on the pond bottom.
  • Depending on the body of water depth and shape, various motors and models are available with a deluxe kit that includes a lockable cabinet with electrical box/outlet, shock mounts, pressure gauge and cooling fan.

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EDGE Inverted Log Splitter

The pitch:
CEAttachments’ new EDGE Inverted Log Splitter attachment for skid steer and track loaders is designed to make splitting wood easier by allowing the operator to remain in the seat and operate all of the controls for lifting, transporting and splitting wood.

  • Can split logs up to 24 inches long on the ground.
  • The cylinder drives 20 tons of force to its splitting wedge, and runs on 10-20 GPM standard hydraulic flow.
  • The splitter can also be unbolted from the quick attach and flipped 180 degrees for upright splitting applications.

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Gravely Diesel Pro-Turn 400 XDZ Series
The pitch:
Gravely has expanded its Pro-Turn 400 series commercial lineup with the introduction of a new diesel zero-turn mower.

  • Features a 25-hp Kubota engine to deliver superior performance and efficiency and is available in a 60- and 72-inch deck.
  • The mowers feature an air-suspension seat with added seat isolation, and the air pressure can be adjusted with the touch of a button.
  • The unit also includes standard foldable ROP, designated front and rear tie-down points, double-sided anti-scalp brackets and heavy-duty side-discharge chute. 

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Hortech LiveWall

The pitch:
Hortech has introduced the LiveWall, the planted wall system that transforms ordinary walls into vertical green landscapes.

  • The LiveWall system’s WallTer planter modules slide into the RainRail mounting tracks, which secure them in place and include hidden conduits and built-in nozzles for integrated mist irrigation.
  • The WallTers, manufactured in recycled architectural grade plastic, are six-inches deep and five-inches wide and come in 8-inch and 16-inch lengths.
  • They are available in six colors: beige, cool gray, wheat, cedar, sage and salsa.

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PlantHaven Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’
The pitch:
Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ is a new Geum cultivar that is sterile and blooms from early summer through the heat into fall.

  • Flower production is up to five times that of the normal genus.
  • Produces hundreds of tangerine-orange single flowers over the course of the growing season.
  • The green, fuzzy foliage forms a compact mound which measures about 14-inches tall. In full bloom, the plants measure 30 inches tall.

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Profile Products ProMatrix

The pitch:
ProMatrix provides benefits for contractors with 20 percent less tank loads per job because of the high loading formulation.

  • ProMatrix with Engineered Fiber Matrix (EFM) technology was created to give contractors an edge when bidding on jobs requiring BFM/SMM hydraulic products.
  • Recommended 60 pounds per 100 gallons of water.
  • Proprietary dispersion granules facilitate the even distribution of the fibers and chemistry to optimize product performance.
  • A consistent slurry pumps out easily to assume smooth and efficient application. 

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Steiner 440 4x4 Tractor
The pitch:
The new Steiner 440 Tractor utilizes 4-wheel drive and all-wheel, and articulating power steering with an oscillating frame to maintain compact agility.

  • Features non-permeable all-steel fuel tank and oversized filler neck with tethered fuel cap and 200-watt halogen quartz front headlights.
  • Three wheel offerings (bar, turf and field trax tread) with five-bolt, 10-inch rims.
  • Large 12-volt 525 CCA Battery (630 CCA on diesel engine model).

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Talbert Manufacturing 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer

The pitch:
Combining the benefits of a close couple lowbed design with a roller paver model, the 50CC/RP offers a longer loading incline.

  • With a deck length of 26-feet, the new 50CC/RP offers the space for full construction fleet loads.
  • The design slopes from the bottom up to create a more moderate incline over a greater distance, approximately a third of the deck length.
  • The 50-ton-capacity trailer offers a deck width of 8 feet, 6 inches and a low deck height of 20 inches.

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V-Angle Wire Brush

The pitch:
The V-Angle Wire Brush cleans tight paver joints

  • The V-angle and tough wire bristles of this brush make cleaning mud and dirt from tight paver joints easier.
  • The stiff bristles measure 11/4 inches for good reach into the joint.
  • Bon’s brush is equipped with a 4-foot handle.

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WeatherTRAK LC Central
The pitch:
The LC Central controller features six-, 12- or 18-station modular configurations and is ideal for light commercial or high-end residential installations.

  • Plug-and-play installation of the LC Central controller includes WeatherTRAK ET Everywhere daily hi-resolution weather service with no onsite weather stations required.
  • Wireless transmission of site-specific weather data to the controller’s built in transceiver enables the WeatherTRAK Scheduling Engine to adjust irrigation run times for each landscape zone.
  • Gain instant access to WeatherTRAK Central Internet Management Service minutes after installation of the controller.

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