Sprayer and Spreader Products

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Grasshopper Shielded Sprayer
The pitch: Apply products more efficiently with a Shielded Sprayer for Grasshopper zero-turn mowers.

  • The independent suspension and dolly wheels follow ground contours for even-spray application.
  • Each spray chamber features four spray nozzles which provide uniform coverage.
  • Zero-turn maneuverability eliminates wasted motion, spraying up to 5.5 acres per tank.

For more information:  www.grasshoppermower.com

PK Products Zero-Turn Mounted Sprayers
The pitch:
PK Products has introduced a line of newly designed sprayers featuring aluminum-framed zero-turn mounted units.

  • Aluminum framed sprayers feature a 25-gallon capacity.
  • Users can choose from 2 or 5 GPM self priming pumps.
  • The 5 GPM models are available in 2-nozzle, 3-nozzle and 2-nozzle boomless configurations.

For more information: www.pkproductline.com

SourceOne TurfSavr
The pitch:
The SourceOne TurfSavr is a machine for slicing, spreading and dethatching.

  • Operators can put seed in the hopper and engage the heat treated carbon steel knives while spreading to improve seed penetration.
  • You can also change from seed to fertilizer and use the TurfSavr as a spreader only.
  • The ergonomic handle and weight-balanced design reduce operator fatigue.  

For more information: www.sourceoneope.com

TurfEx RS7200 Spread-N-Spray

The pitch:
TurfEx’s RS7200 Spread-N-Spray boast high-performance handling.

  • The Spread-N-Spray is powered by a 200-cc Honda GX200 engine with a 2:1 ratio gear reducer.
  • It comes with a hand-operated transmission disc brake, and a foot-controlled sulky band brake.
  • The low-pressure nozzles offer multiple spray patterns to apply liquid up to 11-feet wide.

For more information: www.trynexfactory.com