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July 10, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

IAM MFG. Toothbar
The pitch: IAM MFG., introduced a new universal, quick attach, Clamp On Tooth Bar with Extended Tooth Shank that fits most standard tractors and skid-steer loader buckets up to 6 feet in width.

  • The New Clamp-On Tooth Bar with Replaceable Bucket Teeth fits inside the bucket with the Exclusive Extended shanks going underneath the bucket, touching the bottom of the bucket.
  • The two bolts on each end of the tooth bar screw down on the inside of the bucket and create a clamping action and a secure fit for digging or back dragging.
  • There are 3 standard size clamp on tooth bars, 46.5”, 55.5” and 64.5” which all can be easily cut down to any size in 3 inch increments.

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EDGE Tree Puller/Grabbing Tool
The pitch: The EDGE Tree Puller/Grabbing Tool is designed for tough landscaping, construction and agriculture applications.

  • Use its powerful jaws to easily pull posts, rebar, invasive shrubs or trees and roots out of the ground.
  • This tool opens up to 12" (305 mm) and features three welded brackets to secure hydraulic hoses away from the jaws.
  • Lift capacities are based on the lift capacity of the machine and hoses and flat face couplers included.

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Terex 7-in-1 backhoe loader bucket

The pitch: The Terex 7-in-1 bucket increases a backhoe loader’s versatility for a greater return on investment.

  • Originally developed by the Drott Company and known as the 4-in-1 bucket.
  • This attachment has been referred to over the years as a multi-purpose or the double four bucket.
  • Today, many contractors call it the 7-in-1 bucket to highlight this attachment’s seven main functions: digging, loading, dozing, scraping, spreading and leveling, grabbing and lifting.

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Bradco 4-In-1 Bucket
The pitch: The Bradco 4-in-1 multi-purpose bucket by Paladin Attachments is a versatile attachment partner for compact tractors and skid-steer loaders.

  • This one attachment functions as a loader bucket, clam, grapple, dozer, box scraper and bottom dump bucket.
  • Made of lightweight material with strong hinges and pins, it evenly distributes the load and provides the operator with the ability to handle more load capacity.
  • Available sizes include: 60” and 72” for compact tractors; 66” and 72” utility grade for skid steers; and 72”, 78” and 84” construction grade for skid-steers.

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