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Avoid straining too much (and breaking your hand) the next time you have to cut through concrete by choosing the right saw.

Those design/build jobs can be a pain if you don’t have the right equipment. That’s especially true when you need to slice through a tough piece of concrete. You’ll want to look at these concrete cutters the next time you’ve got a slab in front of you.

Concut C-13G

The pitch: The Concut C-13G push saw is a versatile saw for the general or landscape contractor.

  • This 12-hp saw has a heavy-duty, one-piece rigid frame for straight cutting.
  • The C-13G can run a blade up to 18 in. in diameter for a maximum cutting depth of 8 ¾ in.
  • Other features include the handle mounted throttle, adjustable height handle bars and a heavy-duty 1-in.blade shaft with pillow block bearings.

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Husqvarna K 760

The pitch: The Husqvarna K 760 is a powerful all-round power cutter.

  • Equipped with Active Air Filtration and SmartCarb; a built-in automatic filter compensation and a vibration dampening system.
  • The K 760 is outfitted with an X-Torq engine that reduces emissions up to 75 percent and lowers fuel consumption by 20 percent.
  • Other features include DuraStarter, a dust-sealed starter.

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STIHL GS 461 Rock Boss

The pitch: The STIHL GS 461 Rock Boss cuts deep into concrete.

  • This concrete cutter cuts up to 15.7 in. deep into concrete, reinforced concrete (with rebar up to ½ in.), cinder blocks, masonry bricks, asphalt and soft stone.
  • Features include a low exhaust emission engine, HD2 heavy-duty air filter.
  • Also features advanced water controls, and low vibration.

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