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Features - Snow and Ice

Avoid unhappy clients by being prepared for the season with these snow products.

August 11, 2014

Ace Torwel Snow Pushers

The pitch: ACE Torwel’s Snow Pushers come in 8 foot through 18 foot widths.

  • Upgrades include: Durable steel skid/wear shoes made of AR400 hardened steel, heavy–duty 8 inch by 1 ½ inch continuous rubber cutting and greater contouring to the plowing surface.
  • ACE Torwel’s Snow Pushers feature Heavy-Duty all steel construction and has no moving parts for durability and low cost maintenance.
  • The Snow Pushers are available for loaders, backhoes, utility tractors and skid-steers.

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The pitch: The BOSS Box Plow family has added 14 foot and 16 foot box plows to the line.

  • The new plows come with a new adjustable hitch fork system that easily attaches to any size tractor loader bucket.
  • The new, larger sized plows feature self-adjusting wings and a segmented trip-edge design for plow efficiency, performance and ease of use. Heavy-duty wing shoes provide wear resistance for long-term durability.
  • A 49 inch moldboard offers snow holding and pushing performance.

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CEAttachments EDGE Low Profile Snow Push

The pitch: CEAttachments features the EDGE Low Profile Snow Push attachments for skid-steer and track loaders. The snow pushes have been re-engineered for more efficient and reliable performance in moving snow, flood wastewater, manure or other materials.

  • These new Low Profile Snow Pushes are designed with lower endplates, decreasing the overall height of the pusher to only 25.7 inches and providing visibility for operators. The strength of these new endplates have also been significantly increased by angling the cross brace to the lower corner.
  • The depth of the mount to the moldboard has also been reduced, improving the performance and maneuverability of the pusher.
  • The new EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes are available in 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot and 10 foot sizes and continue to feature standard replaceable rubber cutting edges and adjustable skid shoes.

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Cub Cadet X SERIES Snow Throwers

The pitch: Cub Cadet offers snow throwers with single, two and three-stage power, including the 1X, 2X and 3X so you can choose the level of snow-throwing power.

  • The 3X clears snow up to 50 percent faster than the Cub Cadet 2X two-stage snow thrower because of a three-stage system that allows it to clear 18 inches of snow
  • Cub Cadet’s complete line includes a self-propelled 2X model that can tackle winter weather on a number of surfaces and features a steel auger that collects snow in the first stage and launches snow out of the chute to complete the second stage.
  • Additional features of the new 3X include push-button electric start, trigger-controlled power steering and standard heated hand grips – all protected by a three-year limited warranty.

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Henderson Products Oscillating Underbody Scraper

The pitch: Henderson’s Oscillating Underbody Scraper is designed for year-round use and may never be removed from the truck once installed.

  • Key features include dual lifting cylinders, full reversing action and now dual oscillating cylinders.
  • The oscillating cylinders provide the driver a way to control the blade’s pitch (up to 6 degrees of tilt) and apply downward pressure at the same time. With all three functions working in unison this underbody scraper becomes a true road grader during non-winter months.
  • Options for the scraper include a cushion valve, a relief valve and a wrap around curb guard.

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Ventrac’s sidewalk Drop Spreader

The pitch: Ventrac’s new sidewalk drop spreader is designed for the commercial snow contractor who needs a tool for spreading a variety of deicing materials with precise flow control.

  • With a narrow frame and a 40-inch drop pattern, this spreader is ideal for spreading material on sidewalks and other narrow walkways. The stainless steel construction prevents premature failure due to rust and corrosion.
  • The compression roller system allows operators to spread both coarse and free flowing materials. A gate adjustment allows for fine tuning flow rates based on the type of material being spread and the desired quantity being applied.
  • The wireless remote control regulates five motor speeds for quick flow adjustments from the operator seat. The agitation system prevents material bridging and eliminates the need for a traditional, noisy vibration motor.

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