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September 6, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

Arborjet Eco-Mite and Eco-PM
The pitch: Arborjet’s Eco-Mite and Eco-PM are specially formulated for small plants.

  • Eco-Mite is a contact miticide and insecticide. It controls phytophagous mites, eggs and nymphs and other piercing-sucking insects.
  • Eco-PM is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide. It controls diseases such as powdery mildews, botrytis gray mold and phytophthora late blight.
  • Each product is available as a 32 oz. ready-to-use spray, 1-quart concentrate, and 1-gallon concentrate.

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Hitachi Zaxis Dash 5 Reduced-tail-swing Excavators
The pitch
: The newest models to Hitachi’s Zaxis Dash-5 line – the ZX75US-5 and ZX85USB-5 – are similar to the Dash-3 series models, but with enhancements.

  • The reduced-tail-swing is designed to make it easier to work around obstacles.
  • Combines a hydraulic-boom system with an enhanced boom recirculation function.
  • Arm returns quickly to the dig position.

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Ditch Witch RT30 Ride-on Trencher

The pitch: Ditch Witch has released the new RT30, a compact, dedicated ride-on trencher.

  • Hydrostatic ground drive is controlled by pedals for forward and reverse, located on the right side of the operator’s station.
  • 42-inch boom provides 36 inches of cover depth.
  • Features a 24-hp Kubota diesel engine.

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K-Tec EZ Grade Land Leveler
The pitch: A new land leveler unit designed for pulling behind a truck, SUV or ATV.

  • Performs on dirt yards, gravel driveways/shoulders, and can be used in snow clearing.
  • The leveler features a 7-ft. leveling width, wireless remote control.
  • It is transportable at full highway speeds.

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Rugby Eliminator LP
The pitch: Rugby Mfg. unveiled the redesigned line of Eliminator LP dump bodies.

  • Available in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction with interchangeable parts.
  • The steel model now features a one-piece 10 gauge steel floor.
  • Available with fold-down sides.

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Terra Nova Dicentra Amore Series
The pitch: Terra Nova Nurseries’ Dicentra Amore series performs well in woodland and shade gardens.

  • Both plants grow well in zones 5-9 and the average size includes 9-in. height, 14-in. width, 14-in. flower height.
  • ‘Amore Rose’ partners well with shade plants and requires moist, loamy soil.
  • ‘Amore Pink’ (pictured) blooms light pink flowers, and has a clump-forming habit.

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