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Features - 2014 Leadership Awards

October 13, 2014

Actions you take each day – whether driving the extra mile to see a customer or meeting with a student eager to learn – are how you position your business to succeed and also why Syngenta and Lawn & Landscape are committed to recognizing your hard work. Each year, Lawn & Landscape recognizes industry leaders with the Lawn & Landscape Leadership Award, which highlights professionals who move the industry forward in the community, state associations and universities, while serving as a mentor along the way.

Syngenta is excited to sponsor the 2014 Lawn & Landscape Leadership Awards to recognize the work of outstanding lawn care professionals as it pertains to agronomics, business and customer satisfaction.

Syngenta is geared to help grow your business with products that perform. We offer a wide variety of products for every round that allow you to provide trusted pest control while having the opportunity to also upsell customers on services such as tree and shrub care or mosquito control. Expanding the services your business offers can help improve your bottom line with existing customers, while also attracting new customers.

It can cost up to 15 times more to acquire a new customer than retaining a business’ customer-base, which is why Syngenta is here to help you succeed. Syngenta territory managers are just a phone call away to help you reach your business goals and to stand behind the products and programs we offer. Supplementary programs such as GreenTrust 365 coupled with SummerPay, provide discounts for your business and flexibility to defer payment for purchases until July 10, 2015.

Additionally, Syngenta strives to continually provide you with industry-leading technologies such as Acelepryn insecticide. We are committed to ensuring that you and your customers get the very best, so we just introduced a 10 percent volume discount on purchases of 10 gallons or more of Acelepryn. If you purchase it before Feb. 28, 2015, you also receive an additional rebate as part of the GreenTrust 365 Early Order Program.

Thank you for the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm you bring to the lawn care industry each day. Syngenta is excited about working together and finding ways to help grow your business and heighten your customer satisfaction.

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Laurie Riggs

Lawn Care Market Manager
Syngenta Lawn and Garden

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