Netafim unveils new water meters for on-site irrigation management

Netafim unveils new water meters for on-site irrigation management

The company also expands its line-up of Low Volume Control Kits.

November 6, 2012
Irrigation Supplier News

Netafim USA introduced the M Series, the industry’s smallest sub-meters for residential and commercial dripline irrigation systems, according to the company. The new mini-meters communicate directly with irrigation controllers and measure water usage for more efficient resource management.

The M Series can be installed with all Netafim landscape dripline and is also adaptable to other low volume systems.

The meters are available in ¾” and 1” diameters and feature durable plastic or corrosion-proof metal bodies. The sub-meters monitor flow rates from 0.2 to 20 gpm at pressures up to 140 psi. Flow rates are reported in U.S. gallons, based on multiplication factors indicated on the meter dial faces.

Netafim meters feature just one moving part, an impeller that contacts with the water flow, to ensure minimal wear and tear and longer life.

To prevent fogging, the meter’s magnetic-driven registers are hermetically sealed and encapsulated within the metal or plastic bodies.

Reed switch registers or photo diode registers are available. The reed switch register is a dry contact or simple switch closure for communicating with control and monitoring equipment. The photo diode register includes a photo coupler sensor that provides pulse output for communicating with control and monitoring equipment.

The M Series includes the industry’s longest warranty, three years on the metering components (register and metering assembly), and five years on the meter body.

Control zone kits. Netafim USA expands its line-up of Low Volume Control Kits with the introduction of LVCZ-150, a new 1.5-inch model for commercial sites. The LVCZ-150 has a high flow range of 11 to 35 gpm and fits into a standard 12-inch rectangular valve box.

Netafim’s pre-assembled Low Volume Control Zone Kits include valve, filter and pressure regulator in one easy-to-install unit. The kits are designed for use with all Netafim dripline tubing, in addition to drip and micro-spray zones.

A range of LVCZ Kits is now available and includes:

Low Flow Kits (.75-inch and 1-inch) with flow rates of 0.25 to 4.4 gpm and regulated pressure at 42 psi.

High Flow Kits (.75-inch, 1-inch and 1.5-inch) with flow rates of 4.5 to 35 gpm with regulated pressure at 45 psi.

Control valves are optional on all models and they have a maximum pressure rating of 145 psi with flow range of 0.01 to 110 gpm.

All kits have a robust design and feature efficient 140 mesh disc filter with 25 square inches of filtering surface to prevent clogging.

Low volume dripline is increasingly utilized in residential and commercial installations as an alternative to overhead sprays because it saves water and prevents run-off or erosion. Netafim products are designed to irrigate planting beds, shrubs, trees and turf with a precise application of water to the root zones.

Techline. All dripline products in Netafim’s Techline series are now made with recycled materials, an irrigation industry first and a new opportunity to earn LEED credits on landscape installations.

The four product categories include: Techline, Techline CV (with check valve), Techline EZ and Techline RW (reclaimed water)

Netafim’s 17mm wide Techline, Techline CV and Techline RW are used in subsurface applications to irrigate a variety of plants, turf, trees and shrubs on large commercial or residential sites, sports fields, parks and public areas.

These Techline products offer advanced features like built-in check valves, anti-siphon and continuously self-flushing emitters and pressure compensation.

Techline EZ, a smaller 12mm dripline, is commonly installed above ground and is a cost effective solution for small and medium-sized sites, such as planting beds, side strips, medians and curved walkways.

Netafim dripline has proven to be 60 percent more efficient than overhead sprinklers because water is applied directly to the root zones where plants need it most. There is no overspray, run-off or loss from wind.

By using recycled materials, Netafim is committed to creating a cycle of sustainability and has also recently opened a recycling center in central California. The Netafim-operated center repurposes used polyethylene tubing into a variety of plastic products, including landscape dripline.