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November 1, 2012
Lawn & Landscape

CORE GasLess Handheld Blower and Hedge Trimmers
The pitch: Core Outdoor Power expands its suite of products to address additional market needs in the outdoor power equipment industry

  • Comes equipped with Core GasLess motor technology.
  • The 12-lbs. CHT410 hedge trimmer has run-times of up to 90 minutes.
  • The CB420 handheld blower weighs 11 lbs., runs up to 400 cubic feet per minute and produces winds up to 110 miles per hour.

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Galeton Steel Toe PVC Boots
The pitch: Galeton has introduced 15-in. PVC Boots with a steel toe. 

  • Features waterproof construction.
  • Seamless inner lining keeps workers’ feet dry and protected. 
  • The traction-grabbing outsoles make them useful for working outdoors in wet, muddy conditions. 

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Hannay Reels 1000 Series Hose Reel
The pitch: Hannay Reels 1000 Series hose reel can handle 50-175 ft. of 1/4-in. or 3/8-in. inner diameter. hose

  • In addition, the 1000 Series is suitable for power cleaning applications such as wash down and degreasing.
  • This reel handles product temperatures from +20°F to +400°F and pressure ranging from 300 psi.  
  • It also features a direct crank rewind to the axle and an optional removable crank.

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Hortech LiveScreen

The pitch: Hortech has introduced LiveScreen, the mobile version of LiveWall, the living wall system that transforms ordinary walls into vertical green landscapes.

  • LiveScreen is a two-sided, moveable version of LiveWall on wheels.
  • Delivered assembled and ready for planting, LiveScreen is a portable option to create small-scale green spaces.
  • Every model of LiveScreen is available with optional automated irrigation components and a hose timer.

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Natural Concrete Products Concrete Block System
The pitch: Natural Concrete Products has a system of blocks for outdoor living projects.

  • A locking lip on the back of each block gives structural integrity to the wall without mortar.
  • Two-sided corner blocks support permit stairs to be built into a wall.
  • Random Stone consists of eight randomly-faced blocks available in brown, gray and limestone colors. Fossill Stone consists of 14 naturally textured brown or limestone colored blocks.

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PrimeraOne APEX-10

The pitch: PrimeraOne APEX-10 is a liquid, organic bio-stimulant used to reduce fertilizer and irrigation needs, improve turf durability and recovery and cut plant loss.

  • Backed by both university studies and real-world applications in the US and abroad.
  • Optimizes plant metabolism, improves soil quality and enhances nutrient uptake.
  • Users can experience up to a 66 percent reduction in fertilizer needs and up to 30 percent reduction in irrigation needs.

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