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Features - Cover Story: Benchmarking your Business

November 5, 2013

Never before has there been a better time to be a landscape professional. The opportunities the industry offers are immense and the marketplace instability of a few years ago has diminished to a large extent. While the challenges inherent with the business still remain, today an astute business owner can leverage a variety of new technologies to increase productivity and profitability.

As a result of the recent market conditions, many of our customers say they were forced to step up their game and get more done with fewer resources. And while today the market is in a much better place than it was in 2009, the focus on doing more with less endures thanks to factors including rising fuel prices, changing regulations and increased competition. Knowledge is power, and the perspective of having weathered a few tough seasons has served to strengthen the industry overall.

The 2013 Benchmarking Your Business Report will give you a greater understanding of the state of the industry as we look forward to the 2014 season and beyond. With current data relating to contractor spending, profit analysis and budget management, and tear-out budget charts for your core business segments, the report will give you valuable perspective and tools to help you benchmark your business.

At Exmark, we are committed to developing technologies and products that give our customers the competitive edge. Our cornerstone values drive us to develop meaningful customer relationships. The feedback they give us leads to a greater understanding of how our customers use our products, or want to use our products in the future.

Thanks to the feedback received from our customers, Exmark is delivering more innovation to enhance productivity and profitability than ever before. Our commitment to providing unmatched reliability and durability is steadfast, and we look forward to earning the trust of our customers each day.

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Judy Altmaier
General Manager
Exmark Manufacturing