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Whether you are working on a garden bed or a hardscape project, it’s important to make sure you have the correct tools for the job.

November 5, 2013
Lawn & Landscape Staff

EcoBorder Curb
The pitch: The EcoBorder Curb was designed to give a professional look to any landscape as a cost-effective alternative to pour-in-place concrete borders.

  • Molded from recycled tire rubber and manufactured in the USA.
  • Can stretch enough to accommodate the contraction and expansion that takes place in seasonal changes or extreme hot and cold temperatures that cause concrete to eventually crack.
  • Retains the desired look of the custom stone or concrete borders that need to be professionally installed, but eliminates the drawbacks of such products.

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Edgetite Paver Spikes

The pitch: Edgetite spikes help solve the separation problem that can occur when installing paver edging with common spikes.

  • Edgetite spikes are unique because of the angled-tip design.
  • As an Edgetite spike is hammered into the compacted base the angled-tip deflects away from the installation while the head pushes the edge restraint tightly against the brick.
  • The angled final position of an installed Edgetite spike resists frost heave.

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Oly-Ola Edgings Teco-Edg
The pitch: Oly-Ola Edgings’ Teco-Edg is a 6-in. high L-shaped edge restraint with drainage slots.

  • Made of PVC material, it can be installed under or outside pavers or gravel.
  • Available in rigid or flexible pieces, the 6 x 6-in., L-shaped profile of the restraint is designed with multi-purpose stake holes.
  • The edging can also be used on green roofs and helps buildings qualify for LEED points.

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Surefoot RockStar Choice Garden Edge
The pitch:
The Surefoot RockStar Choice Garden Edge is made of a non rusting 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum.

  • The 8-ft., lengths can be formed to accommodate curves in any garden and hold their shape since they are aluminum.
  • Built-in connections don't require clips.
  • Can be used for garden beds, tree rings, walkways and patios.

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